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I am having a lot of trouble with this company, they have changed my flights twice now without informing me. The e-mail address quoted on their website is now invalid. If anyone else is experiencing problems with this company, please note the new e-mail address I managed to get from one of their assistants today. It is but it does not appear on their website as yet. Also, if anyone needs to contact them by letter the address is:-

Zoom Airlines
30 Gordon St
G1 3PU.

Don't bother contacting the head office in Ottowa, I tried that on Nov 1st and am still awaiting a reply.

Also be very aware of what they tell you on the phone as they informed me this morning that they have a letter/e-mail from my husband agreeing to the flight changes. My husband cannot even turn on the there is no way that is true. However, I have asked them to send me a copy - should be interesting!

After four months of persistent letter-writing, phone calls and e-mails I am happy to say I have finally received a full refund from this company. Booked with them last August to fly to Toronto this August and they changed my flights twice without informing me (first time by two whole days, second time they had us flying back from Toronto twice and not flying out there at all!)

I began writing to them to request a refund on November 1st and finally received it last week but it was for only 50% of the amount. Glad to say after several phone calls/e-mails I have now received the other half and have rebooked flights with Canadian Affair (Thomas Cook airlines).

So a word of warning, if you have booked with Zoom, don't rely on them to inform you of any changes, keep looking at their website and your booking to see if there are cny changes to your flights. If anyone needs a contact name in their Canada office let me know, I have the e-mail address for the Call Centre Supervisor (won't find that on their website!)

Hundreds of passengers finally jetted out of Glasgow Airport today, after a delay of 44 hours on their Zoom Airlines flight to Canada. The knock-on effect continues to disrupt other departures .... click here for more.

David :wave
Zoom confirms cheap Gatwick-New York flights

Lost cost transatlantic carrier Zoom is to serve New York from Gatwick with flights starting at £129 one-way.

The service is due to start on June 21 with a five flights a week and two flights via Bermuda.

Zoom, founded by Scottish travel industry veterans John and Hugh Boyle, has been operating from UK regional airports to numerous Canadian destinations for three years.

The carrier has now been granted permission to operate from Gatwick as an official UK carrier to the US alongside British Airways and Virgin Atlantic.

The New York flights will start in advance of any new services prompted by the new EU-US open skies agreement which comes into force in the autumn.

Zoom will offer a two-class service with flexible one-way fares and designated seating.

John Boyle said: "You cannot put a sheaf of paper between the prices charged by BA, Virgin and the American carriers on the New York route and it is high time that passengers had a better deal. We are offering savings of up to 70% on these flights.

"Our catch phrase is 'Now you're sitting comfortably' and we think this will appeal to people who, quite frankly, have been forced to pay outrageously high fares to fly between London and New York for too long."

With permission from Travelmole
So, what do we know about this carrier?

I know that they start flying on the 21st June and that flights to the US are cheap - Ive just paid £230 return to JFK, but thats about it!
Do zoom fly to new york from scotland?
Do they fly to Florida?

Either Jacksonville or Orlando?
An interactive destination guide is available on Zooms website.

Thanks Darren,

They don't fly where I want to go :cry

Fort Lauderdale too far down for me.
Just booked flights to Toronto next year -2009. Good deals with kids only paying taxes. :)
Zoom beefs up summer schedule

Zoom Airlines has added more non stop routes to its summer 2009 schedule.

The transatlantic carrier has expanded its Manchester services with two non stop weekly flights to Toronto and a second weekly flight to Vancouver.

It will also introduce a non stop Thursday flight between Glasgow and Vancouver adding to an existing flight that services Calgary.

The transatlantic low-fare carrier will also expand its Gatwick to Fort Lauderdale with non stops flights now on Saturday. Extra services are also being added over the Easter in April 2009.

Travellers from London Gatwick to San Diego will get the option of a third weekly non stop service from June 2009 and non stop services will operate on Sundays between Gatwick and Ottawa from May 2009 through the summer season.

With permission from Travelmole
flying zoom on the 28th jan Z4677 to calgary rtn4th feb Z4676 from manchester any idea what aircraft it will be ? thanks

Z4677/6 is operated by a Boeing 767-300/ER.

thanks for the info! can u tell me if its a direct flight ?

It should say on your booking. The flight isn't listed on Zoom's website so I can't check.

I have heard that Zoom Airlines have gone into administration.

Just trying to find a news article to confirm this :que

Anybody know any more???


i am not sure if i put the link in properly or not but this might be what you were hearing about.
Mark757 wrote:
I have heard that Zoom Airlines have gone into administration

I don't think it's that bad, but one of their aircraft has been repossessed becasue a problem with it's financing. Flights operated by their other aircraft are running as normal.

Just heard on radio clyde that zoom have applied to go in to administration to protect them from their creditors they cited high fuel costs and the credit crunch for their troubles, they said that passengers stranded at glasgow should leave for calgary tonight wulmac

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