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"5* Treatment"
Tony Talbot (Tonyt) had a holiday at Boryana Hotel, Albena in April 2012
Three weeks before departure, we were told Hotel Amelia (ex Drouzbha) would not be open and was being moved to here. I was a little concerned as, Boryana was not a English Used Hotel and was mainly A/I, but my fears were dismissed within 12 hours of arriving. The staff, from Management down, spoke very good English and made us very welcome.

The rooms were spotless, hoovered and mopped every day, towels (6 per room) changed daily, bedding changed every other day, A/C, TV, phone, mini-fridge, hairdryer and hot water as soon as turned on. Wi-Fi was available for 2 lev a day in the reception area and you could plug your leads into mains without a problem.

The restaurant was well organised, you could sit inside or outside alongside the pool (if you use the latter do ...
not leave anything unattended on your table, there is a one footed seagull who will nick anything). The food was perfect. The cooked items at breakfast were always hot and well presented, plenty of choice, along with cold meats, salads, fish, tinned fruit and preserves, fresh fruit and a variety of bread and cakes. I can only quote on breakfasts as we were on a bed and breakfast board. I did speak to a few other English on A/I and they did say food was okay for the other meals.

We had one slight problem with one room with ants, after a couple of attempts, my travelling companion was asked to pack her bags, whilst we were out they moved her to big family room at no extra cost. Safety boxes are 42 lev per 2 weeks (£19)

Although this hotel is classed as 3*, I would have no qualms in quoting it 5*. The position of the hotel is superb, right on the beach with its own swimming pool, plenty of loungers and not hogged by early towels. You also have the advantage of two loungers, two mattresses and a parasol free on the beach.

I do not know about entertainment, although I noticed a lot of animation teams around for the kids.

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