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Address: Achladies, 37002, Greece
Yalis Studios & Apartments
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Yalis Studios & Apartments Yalis Studios & Apartments is rated 4 out of 5 from 2 Reviews
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Cleanliness 4 stars
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Service 5 stars
Location 4 stars

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Sarah and Kitty had a holiday at Yalis Studios & Apartments, Achladies in June 2009
We have just come home from a 2 week stay in Yalis studios and apartments in Achladies in Skiathos. We had a wonderful time, it was relaxing and fun and I feel completely refreshed. I stayed with my daughter in a twin bedded apartment with a pool view. We had a balcony on the ground floor that led out onto the softest greenest grass I have ever seen in Greece. Although close to the main road there was hardly any noise from passing vehicles and the grounds were overflowing with fresh herbs and vegetables and fruit growing all around. Nikos the crazy but lovable Greek who runs the place with his family made our stay wonderful, his hospitality was never ending and nothing was too much trouble. The room was cleaned everyday with bins emptied and floor swept and mopped. ...
Bedding and towels were changed every couple of days, I have not had such good service before except in bigger hotels. The kitchen area had everything you needed to create a lovely meal, or just boil up some water for a cuppa. The pool was a nice size, plenty of room for everyone. Nikos will serve you drinks late into the evening and although the place buzzes with life until the early hours, the noise is kept to a minimum after midnight enabling a good night

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Tour Operator: Olympic Holidays

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Kate visited the Yalis Studios & Apartments, Achladies in July 2008
The Yalis studios provide an ideal solution for a last minute, cheap holiday, however there are a few things you may like to consider before booking

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