Notice of Complaint of Defamatory Content

Holiday Truths takes any matter in relation to defamation extremely seriously. In the event that there is a complaint with regards defamatory content on our Website, Holiday Truths reserves the right to ask for verification of your identity and to seek further information from you to clarify the basis of your claim. Please note that Holiday Truths may not be able to investigate claims that are anonymous or incorrectly addressed or do not provide sufficient information in the form of the guidance set out below. Holiday Truths will use reasonable efforts to identify defamatory content when notified but cannot be responsible where you have failed to provide all the relevant facts or where these facts cannot be ascertained.

Warning: Any statement you make may be used in court proceedings. Any false, misleading or inaccurate information provided by you may result in civil and criminal liability.

If you wish to notify Holiday Truths of an allegedly defamatory statement contained on the Website please write to us with a formal notice of complaint and which should be titled "Notice to Holiday Truths of Defamatory Content". The notice must be sent to and the following in writing:

Holiday Truths Limited
3 Cygnus Court,
Beverley Road,
DE74 2SA
United Kingdom.

In any complaint, you must also include a postal address, your daytime telephone number and an email address so that Holiday Truths may respond to the Notice.

In order to assist you in providing the correct information with regards the complaint and to ensure that we have everything we need in order to investigate the complaint in the most efficient manner, the notice should include the following information:

  1. Your name and an e-mail address at which you can be contacted;
  2. Where on the website the statement complained of was posted (please provide the URL);
  3. What the statement complained of says and why it is defamatory;
  4. What meaning you attribute to the statement complained of;
  5. The aspects of the statement which you believe are factually inaccurate or opinions not supported by fact;
  6. Confirmation that you do not have sufficient information about the person who posted the statement to bring proceedings against that person; and
  7. Confirmation of whether you consent to your name and/or email address being provided to the poster.

Upon receipt of the documentation, the Holiday Truths team will begin a review and will contact you if additional information is required or to discuss the specifics of the complaint.