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It is with sad regret that I have to inform you last night we saw the loss of something very close to my wife and I. We knew the end was inevitable although we have been in denial the last the 4 months, always assuming that that this time would not come.
It sort of crept up on us without us realising it and when it did finally sink home how close the end actually was, it was too late
We reminisced last night about the good times shared and although we will get through this eventually, the next 6 months are going to be hard.

Indeed, as the very last drops of Honeybee were squeezed out there was sadness.
Roll on Jan and Feb when we can enjoy our favourite tipple again, and in much nicer surroundings!!
this made me laugh so much
PMSL!!! I'm surprised it lasted this long!! Mine usually makes a disappearing act a few weeks after we return.
Weeks - as long as that!!!!!!!!! :really
We bought a bottle of Honeybee back for a friend, Wrapped well in bubble wrap. Forgot to give it to them, so other afternoon decided to have a tot. Shock! Horror!! :really There was about 2 inches in the bottom of the bottle!! What a waste!! It had either leaked or evaporated!! Dragon reckons the fairies had drunk it!! :rofl
i dont think you need to look too far for the culprit
dont trust the fairies,sneeky little monkeys
I can verify my celtic friend Dragon is not a fairy :rofl slan.
We had the same "problem" with our Port Wine...always going missing :que
And same as Honey Bee, you cannot get it in this country.....
I remember a couple of years ago, i put out a plea on the H/T site, for any "unwanted" Port Wine that people had brought back and not wanted....and one kind person (sorry i forget your name)...sent me a couple of bottles through the post :bow
I was Manxcat who supplied us...many thanks if you still use this site... :cheers
well i have got a full bottle of honeybee and two full bottles of Port wine totally untouched right here :tongue mmm nice thought ... :rofl

save them till uncle Dragon comes to see Marley,i know what to do with them :tongue :rofl
now theres a thought hehe :tup when you coming!!!

chilly x ;)
Quoting Goan Girl:

It had either leaked or evaporated!!

You're not still peddling that line are you, GG? Come on admit it - you're like that R.Whites secret lemonade drinker....... :rofl
roma wrote:
Come on admit it - you're like that R.Whites secret lemonade drinker

:rofl That's it, Roma!! That's it!!! Sleepwalking in the night!! Wondered why i was waking up with a hangover!! :que :rofl XX
sorry,but what does PMSL mean? :que
Pee'd myself laughing :tup


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