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I visit Benidorm frequently and as daft as it sounds I find going through Thomsons or Portland is as cheap as trying to do it DIY. I know any company can go bump but if it happens to TUI then that would spell the end to travel as we know it. John
Easyjet have good prices for short breaks from Glasgow to Benidorm. We found easyjet cheaper than globespan when we went last month.
I usually use Travelrepublic for Accomodation and either Jet2 or Easyjet for flights. You can also book flights and transfers with Travelrepublic to if you want to do it all in one place, but ive usually found it cheaper to piece things together myself, the secret though is to shop around and compare, because sometimes you can get a good deal through Thomsons or one of the other package operators. It can sometimes be cheaper booking your flights and accomodation separate through Thomsons than it can booking a package through substitute for research and putting in the time and effort i'm afraid!

Best Regards - Taggy
my last five trips to beni including my next visit jan 8th to the fiesta park full board and flying easy jet from glasgow were booked on line, key in teletext holidays the secret is to go on line every day or two as the prices can change quickly.the holiday cost us £129 each plus the usual exra charges i.e transfers,hold luggage charge etc.
We also fly from Glasgow and go a few times every year. I find Travel Republic good. We were actually booked to fly out with Globespan on 23rd December but had booked through Travel Republic. They have an insurance put in place when you book which covers against airline failure and we have been told we will get a full refund for the cost of the flights. When you put your dates into the search box it comes up with all available flights including Thomson and Thomas Cook. What I liked about Globespan was that you were not tied to a week or a fortnight (Thomson and Thomas Cook only fly from Glasgow once a week) but could choose to go for just a few days. My last short break booked through Travel Republic I flew out with Easijet and back with Thomson.

I guess I was lucky as I managed to rebook flights with Easijet for the same dates as the original Globespan flights so at least my whole holiday is not lost
I always used flyglobespan and use flexible trips for my accomadation get thomas cook to package it. I go away next sat flying from glasgow but was lucky as i found a deal with thomas cook for new year and it was cheaper than globespan so i was lucky .But id booked with globespan for summer 2010 again thomas cook packaged it and my flight was changed yesterday im now going with easy jet so im glad its worked out ok for me but sad for others .. mazza
they also say and a tip is don;t book your hols untill monday.after the weekend rush.some tour ops knock the price when booking anything on your pc.clears cookies and history.if you have visited the site before.somehow it starts a fresh price.

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