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Greetings all,
I've been skulking about this forum for a while now and thought it was about time I made a post :wave:
I'm coming over to Corralejo on the 18th of July and staying at the Oasis Village. Although it's AI, I
be eating out most nights as I had a great time over there in autumn '06 and hoping to repeat the good times!


Last time I was over I used the ATM's in the resort and got charged various amounts, some ridiculous. This time I'm bringing an 'Abbey Zero' card that promises 0% charges on cash withdrawals and currency exchanges but I will be paying interest on it from the minute I withdraw, something like 27%APR or 2% per month(and I will be paying it off immediately on my return). This, apparently is better than most debit cards?!?
However, I have been advised that you can get better currency exchange rates if you use sterling on resort than you would get back here in blighty, do any reg's know of decent beareau's in Corralejo, and if so, what rates have they been recently? I know the rate is changing daily but I can take that into consideration when making my mind up.


I have read 'ThePeacockRocks' post regarding excursions and wonder (with the exception of pricing) if this is still applicable as it's 2 years old now. I'm coming with my wife and 6 year old daughter so looking for mainly sightseeing excursions that the young one will enjoy, and please, don't mention 'shopping'!
Has anyone been on trips recently that they felt were fun, worth it and enjoyable. I usually stay away from the reps offers unless they are good value as I feel you get better value and better trips by booking with 'local' companies. In addition to organised trips, I may well hire a car for a day or two so can anyone recommend a good value but reputable car hire place?

Eating/Drinking Out

As mentioned, I'm AI at the Oasis Village but only because it was the cheapest accomodation at the time of booking (£100 cheaper than my last hotel?!?) but I do fully intend to eat out/drink out most evenings as that is what a holiday is all about for me. Understandibly, due to exchange rates, things will 'seem' dearer but I believe some things are worth paying extra for, so where are the best restaurants in terms of both quality AND value. We prefer local cuisine than British dishes. Last time I was over I promised not to over indulge on the steaks (goat?) but as usual I did as there was some cracking restaurants out there, although the names now escape me!
And now the most important part, Drink, AKA, beer. It has been known for me to drink a beer or two :cheers on holiday so is 'bar street' still the place to go, or the little Irish bar in the old town or is there new bars to be ventured? I last heard it was around €2.50 a pint for the local stuff, is that still the case?

If anyone can take the time to respond or give advice, it would be much appreciated,

Many thanks!!
Welcome to the forum! :wave:

I'm no Fuert expert having only been once, several years ago, but there are plenty here who'll be able to advise! :tup
The best way of getting money is to get yourself a pre-loaded payment card, the cheapest one to use is FairFX CLICK HERE. It gives a better exchange rate than most other methods, there is no fee to use the card for purchases (it works as a standard Mastercard and is accepted anywhere where Mastercard is accepted, including restaurants) and if you use the card to withdraw cash from an ATM there is just a 1.50€ fee. There is a card issue fee of £9.95 but this is waived if your initial top-up is greater than £500 (or if you click the link from Martin Lewis' site or the Matalan site.)

There is a Last Minute Travel agency on the main "bar street" in Corralejo. I picked up one of their leaflets when we went up there for the day at Easter (we stayed in Caleta). I will have a look for it tomorrow and update you with trips and prices from Corralejo :wink:

Can't tell you much about eating/drinking out in Corralejo because we have only been to Caleta, but I can say we had a great time there, took advantage of all the happy hours and set meals and although it wasn't much cheaper than going out at home, we didn't spend a ridiculous amount of money and didn't feel "ripped off" as some people seem to complain... :roll:
I found the leaflet from Last Minute in Corralejo:

  • Fuerteventura Grand Tour: 35€ Adult, 16€ Child
  • Lanzarote Grand Tour (including ferry crossing): 68€ Adult, 34€ Child
  • Lanzarote Short South Tour: 47€ Adult, 23€ Child
  • Oasis Park (including Camel Safari & lunch): 46€ Adult, 23€ Child
  • Lobos Island Glass Bottom Boat: 16€ Adult, 8€ Child

There are various other trips which you would have to ask in the agency to find out more.
Hi John

Just returned yesterday from Corralejo.
Looks like you have got your money stuff sorted already. Didn't really take a lot of notice on that one myself because we use Nationwide Flex a/c debit card which is free. Incidentally we used cash machine twice getting €1.164 and €1.172 to the pound. The ATMs though ask you if you want to be charged in Sterling or Euro. I gather it is cheaper to be charged in Euro so watch our for that. My husband made a purchase with the card and looking at the receipt I can see he has been charged in Sterling without realising. We were aware this would happen at the car hire place so he told them he wanted to pay in Euro - just look out.

You can get local beer for €2 there are a few happy hours about. In general I think a large draught beer was around €3. There are just tons of bars, depends what kind you want really. Soz I am not an expert, Rock Island does it for us.

Eating out we thought was good value on the whole. It's no good going on about the exchange rate. You can get a set menu at some places for €10 for 3 courses e.g. El Patio on the Waterfront. Apparently Hemingways is very good €8.50 for set menu, near Hiperdino. Sorry didn't try the aforementioned. Tried Chinese Buffet in Plaza at 8.20 p.m. - dried up, €8.95.

Our favourite is Mirando Al Sur, the Argentinian Steakhouse in Calle Sebastian Elcano. Only go there if you love meat! It's a smallish menu but delicious steaks. You also get a complimentary bowl of meaty canarian stew, the bread is free. We just ordered a portion of sausages to share for starters - delicious. Don't know if they do anything for kids, sorry. The house wine is only €7 and is the same as other restaurants charge a lot more for. The steaks are from €9.50 to about €12.50.
I think on the whole you probalby get what you pay for. We went to Las Playitas, on the waterfront. The table linen was really nice and we thought it was good value - the pork steaks were served on sizzling plates. Think they were €9.50.

Also thought the two restaurants next to Marquesina on the waterfront were good value. A few places are doing deals on tapas.

Cheers, Jean
The best way to get money is to use a Nationwide VISA debit card in the ATMs, best exchange rate and no charges.

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