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We are going in September for a week, I went 20 years ago so expect some change. I haven't seen many recent reports so wondered if anyone had come back recently and had any suggestions, places to eat in Bugibba, St Pauls, Qawra area.

Also if anyone has any ideas of prices at the moment, eg maltese dish (rabbit), pizza, beer, coke, bottle of wine, greatly appreciated.
Many thanks
:tup Hi Sooze29, you will notice many changes since you were on the island,most of them for the better,still got those old buses which are quite fun,buy a weekly bus pass at the bus stn in bugibba and really have a look around the island to see the difference,you will find most prices are a bit cheaper than the uk,dont use hotel bars for your nightly tipple,they are much dearer than local bars,i go to malta every year as i have a timeshare at the dolmen resort hotel in bugibba,if your not on half board at your hotel here are a few suggestions where to eat in bugibba, just up from the main square is,venus restaurant, on the same side a little further up is captain cooks,(cheaper but excellent food) on the seafront is,mongolian bbq,an interesting eating experience,back near the square you have grannies and fat harrys,both on the cheap side but a good feed,i do hope you enjoy your holiday on this lovely island,september is a good time to visit and the weather will be great,"have fun" maltajoe.
on the seafront is,mongolian bbq,an interesting eating experience,

:think I think the Mongolian BBQ has now closed down, certainly closed when we were there earlier in the year.
:tup just returned from malta and yes you are quite right,the mongolian bbq is now part of the ground floor gift shop which is a shame really,i would have thought there were enough gift shops in the area already,all selling the same old tat, grannies is now called grannies fusion and the food is excellent and traditional at a fair price.
We had some good meals in Grannies and the prices were brilliant but that was a few years ago.
tiny - having just returned, can you give me your opinion of Malta in general - any advice on specific resorts would be welcome. Hubby is looking at it as an option for Easter next year - but I'm far from convinced after reading reviews on here.
I would be interetsed too as we're off to Bugibba in two weeks time.
;) hi helen t & sooze, its always difficult to give an opinion on malta in general terms,it very much depends on personal tastes,i like the bugibba,st pauls area and usually stay at the dolmen resort hotel,(check the reviews) its quite a lively resort with a excellent cafe culture in the evenings around the town square,lots of good restaurants and bars here to try,man made beach near the dolmen is nice, bus stn at bugibba to travel to any part of the island cheaply, get a season ticket here for 1,3,5,7,days, maltese bus drivers get grumpy when you dont have the correct change,go to st julians which is quite classy now,stay at the hilton if you can afford it.! sliema is nice with some good boat trips with capt morgan cruises,get the ferry here across to valletta,well worth a visit. mosta dome and mdina,(the silent city) are worth the trip, best beaches on the island are mellieha bay,golden bay, armier bay,paradise bay,pretty bay,st thomas bay and a few others. as for choice of hotels i would say check the excellent reviews and see what other guests say about them on this website. helen t if your thinking of going to malta in easter next year try and go for a 4 or 5 star hotel like the dolmen or the waterfront hotel in sliema,(very nice) sea view rooms are the best option,gillerue harbour hotel at st pauls bay is nice, any other questions you have just ask and i will try and give my advice.
That's really helpful thank you. I will post a detailed report when we get back also. Many thanks
Have a great time Sooze, we are back there again in 2 weeks :cheers

2 more days to go..................................... :sun2

We will be going on Friday for 11 nights and can't wait. We will be there for the Victory/ Santa Maria feasts. We were there at the same time last year and there was so much happening that we found that out of 10 nights we only had 2 or 3 where we just 'chilled'

We stay at the Parl Lane hotel, buggiba. We only found it a couple of years ago after getting rather dispondent with the standard of 4 star hotels in the St Pauls/ Buggiba area. It is very central for the bus station and lots of bars and restaurants. This will be our 24th year going to Malta so I guess you can tell that we love it. We do go to other holiday resorts in the Med but find that we can intergrate with the locals in Malta and are always made welcome.

If you are thinking about going in Easter then just do it. We have been before at Easter and it is the most important religious celebration in the Maltese calender. We are already booked to go on Good Friday next year for a week

Have a great time in Malta and if you go past the PArk Lane hotel have a visit to Dianas Bar acroos the road. We usually start or end an evening here.
Hello charliegirl, have a good time and have a beer for me, I would like to know what happens in between the start and end of the evening, hope you are not on that Karaoke again :rofl
Dave. you won't believe what I have done..... Well for those of you that don't know me I love to sing but can't!!! So I have set up a singing group in our local town for people who can and can't sing. It will be like group kareoke

I know :offtop

Anyway between the first and last drink at Diannas bar we go for something to eat and a walk (which usually involves stopping off at several bars, just to be sociable of course ;) )

We are looking forward to tomorrow and know we will have a fantastic time thanks
:tup ah yes charliegirl007 diana's bar is great,named after the late princess of wales of course,on the other side of the road is a fantastic cocktail bar,try a screaming orgasm it could make your holiday,also the cocktail called sex on the beach is great.
Has any body with 007 on the end of there name, just come back and would like to tell us all about it ?
I don't have 007 on my name but just posted a report yesterday as we got back
:tup hi sooze29,glad you enjoyed your visit to malta after so many years away,you certainly got around the island in your hotel review,i know what you mean about considering a more permanant move to this lovely island,its catching isnt it. by the way the member with 007 in the name is charliegirl007.
I think she's fallen out with you Dave - maybe missed your company
OOPs. I'm back!! Had nearly 2 weeks in Malta and did a lot of catching up at work etc. We had a great time (as usual) I don't think that we did anything that hasn't been reported before except...................Has anyone been to the Cart Ruts a Clapham Juntion? Well we have been before but have only just found the huge underground cave that was a living community until about 1860. While we were looking for it we kept hearing a small bird singing. We looked around for it but couldn't see it, then BANG :omg It was a hunter doing the bird call and we were in the middle of a shooting area!!!! Anyway we escaped unscathed, I'm not sure about the birds!

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