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British Airways is now asking for API in respect of passengers to Tunisia. On further investigation it would appear to be a requirement of the UK for those travelling to or from Tunisia (amongst other places), rather than a requirement from the Tunisian authorities. I haven't seen any reference to this on any other airline's site but I would strongly advise everyone to check it out to avoid possible delays at the airport.

I am assuming it is just BA that wants this, and as I am travelling with another airline in November, it doesn't apply. I wasn't asked for this info when I made my booking a month ago.
Have a look under Holiday Complaints section , seems as though other airlines and countries visiting you have to give API or be charged , i might not have read and understood it correctly , but i will be phoning travel agent in the morning to ask about my holiday booked for October.
I don't actually know myself. I certainly hadn't heard of it for Tunisia until it popped up on 'Manage My Booking'. I queried it on the BA forum here and was advised to fill in the API as it had been asked for. I then had a proper look at the BA site and have posted all the info they give, which appears to be that it is the UK government who requires this info rather than BA :que It may be worth raising the query with the airline you are flying with as from past experience I don't have absolute faith in any of them to get their facts right without serious prompting.
We had to do that for going to China in April with british airways but there was no mention of it when we flew to Tunisia with DH in July and it hasn't been mentioned for my Gambia holiday. Although when i was booking domestic flights from belfast to Manchester on the bmibaby website it says it is required by the government for all international flights in or out of the UK......all rather confusing. as already mentioned it's probably best to check with your TO or the airline.
I booked a flight in July for a friend to Amsterdam with BMIBaby and I recieved an email for them to register their passport details on Tuesday, they fly on Friday
Seems to me that it's for scheduled flights rather than charter package holiday type ones and that could be why we don't seem to need it for Tunisia. Could be wrong but I know we definatley didn't need this info for Tunisia in July.
And I apparently do need it to fly to Tunis with BA later this month although I didn't in April :que
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It is confusing. I called Thomas cook today, and they said they don't need it for my holiday in November. I will not be amused if I get to the airport, and am charged.
No charge and some of the airlines let you do it on line (BA does as I've filled mine in today for a flight on 22nd). It's very straightforward, you only need details of the information you already have in your passport, such as names, sex, passport number, where issued, expiry date, etc. Obviuously if it is possible to do it on line it will save time and hassle at the airport.
is there a charge for API?

Certain airlines will charge if they require it and you don't do it in advance. For examlple I know bmibaby state on thier website if you don't do it online there will be a charge for doing so when you are checking in.

Incidentaly someone I know has just returned from Tunisia and didn't have to give API.

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