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Aug 14, 2016

I`m looking to book up for Bulgaria next year & was looking for recommendations please. We have …

Last post by doonhamer32 2016-08-15 11:05:05

Jun 27, 2016

Well now dear reader.... a great time had by all this year. Shame obout the 2 hour delay at Gatwick …

Last post by monaco 2016-06-27 11:48:59

May 31, 2006

hey there! I'm really looking forward to getting away from the dull UK and flying off to sunny…

Last post by jennieflea 2016-06-08 17:00:46

May 24, 2016

Just got a call from Tom Cook to say our tickets have arrived for our latest trip to Bulgaria. This …

Last post by monaco 2016-05-24 10:13:28

Oct 2, 2015

Not long back from S/B every time i try to post Hotel Klisura i get told not enough information cant…

Last post by june52 2016-04-29 11:54:59

Mar 14, 2016

any one know where the nearest airport from Scotland is for flights to Varna

Last post by june52 2016-04-07 11:15:24

Apr 11, 2015

Well now, what a surprise. Dear ol' Balkan (bless their cotton socks) have done another Date an…

Last post by lal 2015-08-28 15:06:32

Aug 21, 2015

Hi All, I have just returned from this years holiday and looking to book for next year! I have just …

Last post by Qman 2015-08-22 17:38:54

Jul 6, 2015

Hi any one back from holiday know what the exchange rate is at the moment :cheers

Last post by june52 2015-07-27 07:24:19

Jan 19, 2015

It seems as if the exchange rates are going in the right direction for once and I am tempted to buy …

Last post by toonman2 2015-07-26 22:19:14

Jul 20, 2015

How much spending money will we need for 2 people 2 weeks in Bulgaria staying bed and breakfast. We…

Last post by toonman2 2015-07-26 21:55:11

Mar 13, 2015

Welcome to Holidaytruths ...... please remember that in addition to this particular forum, we also h…

Last post by Glynis HT Admin 2015-03-13 00:28:59

Apr 5, 2014

just went to book our holiday to G/S and found out the flight goes to Bourgas,as no flight to Varna,…

Last post by lal 2015-03-02 08:07:01

Oct 23, 2014

maybe of interest to some of you. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/travel_news/article-2783340/Fa…

Last post by Tonyt 2014-10-23 18:22:43

Jun 29, 2008

Just a word of warning to all young males visiting sunney Beach, Do Not walk alone along the beach f…

Last post by Glynis HT Admin 2014-09-29 09:36:45

Jun 8, 2013

Has anyone stayed at this accommodation or in Golden Sands recently?. We're a couple in our mid…

Last post by Helen T 2014-09-08 16:09:28

Sep 7, 2014

Just back from S/B sorry to say i did not like it . :que As its so dirty compared to G/S. The hotel …

Last post by monaco 2014-09-08 08:51:14

Jul 25, 2014

Hi Does anybody know if the new Aquamania Waterpark in Albena is open yet? It was scheduled to open…

Last post by Tonyt 2014-09-07 15:49:52

Jul 17, 2014

Anyone recently back who can give a rough idea of prices for the essentials? How much is an average …

Last post by Oyston Out 2014-08-11 18:06:45

Aug 4, 2014

The FCO () have just updated their travel advice for Bulgaria and certain areas of the country, Sunn…

Last post by Kiltman HT Mod 2014-08-04 18:28:42

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