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Can anyone help me with the following - I have my package holiday booked through First Choice Holidays but flying with Monarch Airlines. I contacted First Choice yesterday to give API but they said they do not require it and Monarch may not either but to contact them to ask. Does anyone know if Monarch do need it prior to check in? I've tried calling but left on hold for ever.
I have a schedule flight booked direct with Monarch and I can do my API online.

This link gives info on charter and inclusive tour flights.
As I have a package holiday through First Choice not flight only I do not have Monarch reference numbers to log on to Monarchs website with
I`m in a similar situation. We`ve booked with Portland but the Thomson group will not take our API because the flight is with BA. We are on a package. Not sure what to do about it . Flight is from Glasgow to Alicante.
The airline needs your API not the tour operator. I'm slightly confused as I didn't think BA flew GLA-ALC.
I've tried e-mailing no response, being left on hold for ages so give up. Don't know what to do only 3 weeks till we go. I think I might just have to write to them with the details no much else I can do if I can't get through to them
Thomson are using BA flights from Glasgow to Alicante this summer, on Saturdays at least, and at a kings ransom. Not to mention the poor flight times.
My parents are flying with Monarch in June and they haven't been asked to provide API yet. I think Monarch may be taking it at check in for charter flihgts.
i booked on line with monarch for a hol in day i had email asking for API which was submitted successfully on line.
what happens to people that dont have access to internet
for people wthout internet access,i would write down API and take it with me and if asked at check in hand it over.there again this reply is pointless,as if they dont have internet access they won't be reading it.

percy123. :que

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