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Anyone spotted him? He lives in Sannat and has a bar in Rabat called Tickety Boo.
I saw him twice and he seems very relaxed and is quite chatty.
he does, and is a near neighbour of mine - very nice guy. The bar is actually his agents, who lives in Gozo also. For star spotters, we also have living in Sannat the ex-Arsnal (sensor won't allow proper spelling !)footballer Alan Sunderland, and Robin Asquith (sp?) ,the star of the "confessions of.." films.

Macca67, after your comments on daily life in St Pauls Bay, maybe you should try some time in Gozo ?? Never been ripped off in a bar, people always friendly... :D
I agree. Gozo people are competely different to the Maltese.
I have spent some great weekends in Gozo.
By the way, I used to have a pint or two with Alan Sunderland in Ryan's Bar in St.Julians.
Also saw Wendy Richard here and David Beckham and the Neville Brothers.

I go to the feast at Gharb every year and it's a real great festival.
My 5 month old daughter was born in Gozo too. So I have 1 Maltese daughter and 1 Gozitan daughter.
Hi Mark,

It's hardly surprising that some stars have decided to live in Gozo. If I could afford it I'd live there myself, - Oh well - dream on! :roll:

They say Gozo is like Malta was 30 years ago. It's true, it would be the ideal place to live.
Malta is getting too commercial now. Gozo rocks
Just like Dave Realholidaymaker, I also fancy a place on Filfla :lol:
Hello Sliema2 I have left Filfla it was to lonely, and have now moved in to the Lascaris War Rooms as a permanent exhibit as a full sized figurine dressed in a WW11 uniform.

Dave 8)
Hi Dave, as we are now in the winter season I am currently working as a Karrozini horse in and around Valletta, however when summer returns I will be going back to my normal job as ballast in a Dghajser. :mrgreen:

Hello Sliema2, I never thought of a summer job I have just been on the page and applied to be the blue light at the entrance of the Grand Harbour if this fails I may go for left anchor on the Gozo Ferry.
big mistake - the view of the right anchor is much better coming into Mgarr
Hi there :wave
What have you lot been on ??? :glynis Whatever it is can I have some please. Incidently I spend april and may standing on St Pauls island directing the boats :wave
Hello Mark, you could be right but on the way back from Gozo I get a great view of the blue lagoon as I go past, and of St Marys Tower on Comino 8) Hi charliegirl is that why there are so many ship wrecks in this area :?: I have heard there is a place for a book mark at the National Library perhaps this would suit you more,(suits you sir)
going back to Malta, my eyes are so full of tears about leaving Gozo, I don't see the view anyway :D
Hello Mark,had a look at your P M and there before my very eyes, there may be a few years difference but but your Happy Birthday is on the same day as mine, 8)

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