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Thinking of taking the kids away in March to one of these campsites but not sure which one is best for activities?? Kids are 8 and 11..So need somewhere they will be constantly amused. :tup

I would say Butlins, but I am biased as we have a caravan at Butlins Minehead, my kids love it when we go.

We have only been to a Haven at Cala Gran , Blackpool, and used it for a base the entertainment venue was very small.

We do like Pontins but the chalets are a bit run down in Blackpool, 1960 style!!

Been to Haven & Park Resorts and maybe it was the sites we've been to but Park resorts did seem better for kids clubs & entertainment.
Went to Unity farm in Brean and their clubs were good too.
hi where are you based and what distance do you wish to travel? we love going to haven, pontins is too dated, and butlins is too busy, kids can be enteretained day and night at haven and so can the grown ups. but beware, it can be very costly, about 300 quid at haven for 4-7 nights, we have always gone wiht the sun newspaper deals, for 9.50 each
We live in cornwall so willing to travel about a couple of hundred miles depending on the amount of nights we are away. :que
our sons aged 11 & 5 love Butlins !

we try to go to Minehead once a yr ( twice this yr!)

they love the pool and the fair and the evening / afternoon entertainment.

there is always plenty to do ,and we go to the beach which is just opposite,and into the town too.

there are activities that need to be paid for, eg go karts,bungeee trampoline,climbing wall,and of course the arcades etc !

but we give them a "budget" and they know how much they have to spend each day and are fine with that :)
we save all 10 and 2p pieces for when we go! :)
Thank you all for your responses, Butlins it is then..
what are the food facilities like?? much variety?? :wave:
we go self catering usually , so cannot comment on the half board food really

my sister went half board ( silver) , and said it was ok.bit samey but lots of choice ,so something for everyone

we have eaten in the Yacht club,which is a buffet.was nice,plenty of choice etc :) this is where you eat, when booking half board Gold accomodation

theres also pizza hut,the sun & moon pub etc
We went half board on an adult week end in Minehead last June.
We all thought the food was very good.
We were silver and it's a big open canteen style area.
Think there were about 3 sections, but each had the same so no big queues.
Lots of choice at breakfast Porrige yogurts toast full english etc
Dinner a few selections, salads, baked pots couple of main meals. I like to mix and match which you could do.
If you didn't like something you can go and get something else.
Also I think if youre half board your nearer the food so nearer the main complex, we were. only 3 rows back.
Down side was we didn't have a living room, we hired a mini fridge for the week end for the morning coffee!!! :tongue
Butlins at Bognor Regis is quite good, I've taken the kids there a few times and there seems to be loads to do, the chalets had a refurb a couple of years ago so should be in pretty good condition
Haven are good if you choose the right site but are pricey to eat/drink/play at.
never been to butlins but just booked a half price spring bank holiday with the walker's crisps 'brit trip' promotion to butlins skegness - looking at the brochure there looks to be more to do for kids and free/cheaper too. and of a better quality to say its the same company. Bourne leisure own Butlin's, Haven, British holidays,park resorts,oasis/centre parks. :tongue
Just come back from Haven in Doniford bay and have to say if it's the entertainment you want - don't go there!!
I don't think you could ever say that about Butlins. When we went to Butlins it was hard trying to fit in everything we wanted to do.
At Haven it was very poor quality! I've heard better karoke!
For the price your are better off at Butlins in my opinion.

How far is haven Cala Gran site from centre of Fleetwood


Cala Gran is on the outskirts of Blackpool, southside, so can safely say it'll be about 30/45mins drive from Fleetwood.
I would say that it was about twenty minutes to the centre of Fleetwood, there are shops/post office/take-aways about five minutes away and to Blackpool itself is 30 minutes absolute tops.

It seems to take an age to get to the park when coming off the motorway to get there but going into town/Blackpool etc is a doddle, even at the busy illuminations time when we usually go.
From my experience I would recommend Butlins over Pontins. I've been to both and the Pontins site was very run down with little entertainment.
:wave: we enjoyed marton mere site and it wasn't too far from blackpool,been to cala gran and thought it was further. good facilities on marton.
Have you considered hoseasons, they seem to have a wide selection of holiday parks and lots of them look great for families and a lively break. :D

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