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Prices are from around 3.20 euros to 3.80 euros per pack this is as far as im aware the current price range. It does depend what you buy.
Dont go over expecting to buy, superkings, regal, lambert and butler, b&h etc anywhere apart from the airport (unless you get really lucky)
Most gaspers over there are spanish, american etc, so you will be able to buy marlboro, philip morris and fortuna, diane etc.
I really dont mind the fags in italy and enjoy smoking something different anyway and they taste fine :D
While our hotel only offered the choice of Marlborough or B&H both the Tabachi we visited in Limone and Malcesine had all the popular English brands, most of them were 3.90 euros a pack with no reductions for buying in bulk. For some reason Superkings were very popular and both shops were out at some point in the week so don't leave it till the last minute to get them to bring home. :lol:
I wouldn't call a discussion about the price and availability of cigarettes agitation. The questions that wind me up are the ones asking "where shall I go for my holiday" - these people obviously haven't got a mind of their own and no real interest in where they go.

Anyway, back to important business. Are menthol cigarettes easily available in Rome? I was able to get Dunhill Menthol in Sorrento a few years back.
Can you got Marlboro Menthols in Rome?
As far as i remember yes. marlboro are easy to find in general.
it is often easier to find american blends than english ones. I personally havent come across many english packs when ive been over. having said that looking at the comments on this post alot of people have been able to so im guessing it depends where you go :?
Just an update on menthol cigarettes. I bought St Moritz which seemed to be the main brand for menthol in Rome. And very nice they are too!
hi everybody,

im new to this game, but im just wondering if anybody can tell me the price of cigarettes in italy and whether it is cheaper to get them at the airport?

thanking you :?: :idea:
Hi shinnycon and welcome to HT!

I have merged your post with an existing topic.

luci :wave
ill do an update on prices if no one else has when i next go over although thats not for a few weeks yet.
July Prices are in Euro, 3.40-3.60 for local cigs, 3.80 for L&b,Superkings,Regal,B&h.
We are going to Italy in May for the first time. We buy my husbands tobacco, Samson or Drum, to last him till our next holiday. Could someone please tell me the price we are going to have to pay for it and is the price government controlled as it is in Greece.Thanks
Merged with existing topic.

We found cigarettes/tobacco to be slightly dearer than it was in Spain. I'm guessing that Drum would be around €43 - €48 and yes the price is government controlled so the same price everywhere.

Perhaps you can come back to this topic with an update of prices once you've been.

luci :wave

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