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Hi folks ,off to magaluf for the third time next may, can anybody shed any light as to where the clem windsor bar ? is located, i thought we covered everywhere in our last two visits but cant recall this place, as it gets rave reviews all the time, cheers .
It's called Windsor Bar, although occasionally Clems. It's opposite the Hotel Guadaloupe on our side of Magalluf, just down from the Piano Bar, and Green Parrot, towards Mano's, down a few steps.

Hope this explains, but if not send me a PM and I'll send you more precise directions. Please let me know which Hotel you'll be staying in, so I can direct you.


cheers goodfellow, having stayed in the sol gaudaloupe last year, i know where it is now, must have gone in there , without knowing what it was called, will have a look again in may , cheers mate .
The bar is sitated between the Green Parrot and Manos, must say it's the best bar in Mag (well i've known Clem for over 20 yrs so i would say that), during the day food is served, and at night the "lads" Ricky, Alberto ,Herson and Jo the poor lass do their turns.

Our kids love it in the bar as they think it is their second home as they get to rule the roost whenever we are in (some daytimes and every night during the hols)
Hi I have seen a few posts about this bar , I go to magaluf every year and have never noticed it. and I drink in manos !! I am going back just before easter 08 Paddy's night and then back in May does anyone know if it will be open . I will call in and see what I'm missing. :lol:
Should be open, Clem said earlier this year that he was intending staying open all winter. I'm over there in about a months time so i will find out failing that i'll ask my daughter to speak to his son when she sees him in Feb 08 as to if he's open at Easter
Farnworth Lion

Are you sure?

I'm certain he closed last winter, and it's not likely to be any busier this winter. There are no Hotels open in his area, and all the bars on that strip closed last year.

I'll let you know, if I find out for sure.


You are correct, last year Clem closed down but when i was there in July /Aug he said that he was intending opening this winter remains to be seen if he does, if he ain't then Piano Bar and yours will suffice (due to only a handful of bars being open). I know they are usuall open at end of Nov when i'm next over so i'll see you then anyway.

Manos was open during the day from 12-7pm during our stay last Nov with one or two other bars on the back near Dreams serving i think mainly locals.

I guess he's doing what we're all doing which is to see what happens.

The resort has gone dreadfully quiet this past few days - Panama Jacks, Bar 29, Morgans all closed down this weekend (ahead of when they said they would) and although we've had a good night tonight (Hypnotist Show) I propose to cancel most of the "Paid for" shows in November, since it simply does not add up paying good money for an artist, when there are simply so few people about.

Fortunately my wife and I are entertainers, so we can put only 3 or 4 shows a week ourselves, and we have Karaoke every night, but for Bars with nothing on, it really has gone very quiet.

We intend to close on Sunday 2nd December (we're having a closing party if you're about) and I will re-open when the money runs out or I get bored, whichever happens first - certainly no later than early March.

If you're about and we're open, I'd be pleased to meet you.


Just an update - Windsor Bar was open on Wednesday Night, and had a good night, since it was the final night at Pirates, and that was the nearest bar when the 800+ people came out. All the other bars on that strip have closed, and it looks a bit desolate up there - even the Piano Bar has closed! I'd be really surprised if he stayed open for November, let alone the whole of the winter.

Watch this space...
Been in your bar many times in the past usually with wife and 4 daughters but no doubt be seeing you in late Nov minus the kids, must admit i was suprised to read the "Piano Bar" was closed as that is one of the few bars that normally remain "open" in that area.
Just another update FL

Yes you are right, it looks like Windsor Bar is staying open, although every bar around him is shut, and it's a little bleak at that end.

Jokers has even shut, and until last year they stayed open 365 days a year. They were due to close at the end of the month, but suddenly their chairs disappeared, and they've shut.

Country Bar, Benny Hill's and us are open, plus a few restaurants which seem to close quite early in the evening, but we're surviving on the few people still staying at the Sahara, which will close in early December.

Around the Magalluf Park there are a few bars open - Fountain, White Horse etc, and they seem to be doing OK, since the MP is staying open all winter, although I did hear that Fountain had only 4 people in for one of their shows earlier this week.

The weather has been fantastic for the whole of November, only one slightly overcast day, no rain and wall to wall sunshine every day. But there's no-one here! Hope it holds out for you till the end of the month.



Eldest daughter was "talking" to Clems son the other night and he was saying that the Windsor Bar was remaining open this winter but if as you say it's a little bleak then he might decide to close later on (hopefully after i've been over) I know that is usually the time when he does any jobs that are required but last summer he was saying this year he was taking a break from a refurb and just doing the essentials.

Will be staying in MP so see you later
Best Wishes

Got back last Friday and the Windsor Bar is staying open all winter, locals are the main users but they have joined a "Pool League" for the winter so that brings in a few different punters on Thursdays when they have a home game. Depending on numbers in bar is dependant on when they close at night, we left most nights after 11-30 and there were always people coming in and out even at that time.

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