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Anybody heard of these guys. Hubby took a phone call tonight who said that we had won a holiday. Needed to call a freephone number (0800) and quote two codes and they would then send us the paperwork!

All sounds a bit fishy me thinks :think

Done all the usual searches and can't find anything on this site with regards to them but it smacks of timeshare and hard sell.

Grateful for any thoughts

Mich xxx
I've had several of the same phone calls. It is timeshare even though they say it's not!!
If you haven't entered a competion to win a holiday, then you haven't won one!!

timeshare got Such a bad reputation a few years back that they all changed to HOLIDAY CLUB but essentially its the same thing if you decide to take up the offer be prepared for a brain washing meeting you will have to attend in the UK and if you go another in resort..

please see the link posted by Graham for more details and i will LOCK this thread

Just to add.

One important difference between the old timeshare and the new "holiday club" is that you have/had a cooling off period if you signed up for timeshare. There is no such cooling off period for holiday clubs and if you sign you are legally stuck with it.

luci :wave

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