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No British charter affected I think but anyone on the qatar flight is in trouble.

Shouldn't the Indian airforce be in charge ????!!!!!
I just had a wander over the internet to see if I could find why its the Navy doing the repairs, I was amazed to find that the Indian air force is the 4th largest in the world.
didn't find out about the repairs :(
I understand that Papa, I think that the query was more to do with why would an airport belong to the navy and not the airforce.
I thought that perhaps the Indian Air force maybe similar to the Fleet Air Arm and actually be a part of the Navy, but apparently not.
The website I did find re the Indian Air force made some interesting reading, particularly their contribution during the second world war.
got into an imediate panic there but thankfully we arrive on the 31st with qatar so should be ok
just hope they manage repairs in the allotted time. At the start of the season when the aviation tanker tipped over and the fuel corroded the runway, the repairs ran on for a few days if I remember correctly. It's something that always seems to happen in India. The Naval top brass, who seem to call the shots, always seem at loggerheads with the civil airlines, and as usual it's the passenges who get caught in the middle if there is ay disruption or cancellations.
Just said the same thing to my husband Gramps, will they get it done in 13 hours? Hope they do or there will be chaos :think
Please all SHUT UP. Last year I went to Egypt instead of Goa because of the Ash cloud. We travel on Saturdya 29th - I am hyperventerlating already! I have been so worried that something would happen and now it has. Also had the feeling it would take longer than planned!
Worrying though it is Fredthedog, I am sure it will turn out fine - keep the faith :cheers
fredthedog wrote:
Please all SHUT UP....I am hyperventerlating already! I have been so worried...

Don't worry!!!

You'll find on this, or any other forum, members are only (quite rightly) expressing

Worrying about it, is not going to change the outcome - good or bad. That's my opinion ;)
all Local flights are cancelled untill 16.55 so im sure they will be done in time or the cost for them to cancel flghts will be huge
Does the shuttle bus still take you from your plane to the terminal at Dabolim airport?
Don't think anyone has mentioned it this season?

Sorry but :rofl when I got on it last season - spitting distance, don't think we did more than a very, very short U turn - it was worth it though for the entertainment value alone!

Yes, It can be further to walk to the bus than it is to the terminal sometimes

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