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not sure if you have posted this under the wrong topic juicyjude :D :x :shock:
The Montana Pine is set back from the main road (giving it a more exclusive feel) and offers exquisite views. It's the best hotel in Hisaronu (it isn't actually in Olu Deniz - that's a 2-minute drive down the road) and has free buses to take you down to the beach - and to bring you back.

You can also pick up a dolmus from the end of the drive, or take one of the taxis' which are always outside the main entrance.

One of the bonuses of being further up the mountain is the cooler air, and the wonderful views.

Although Olu Deniz is beautiful, you don't appreciate it as much as when you're looking down on it from above.

What are the prices like in olu, sorry if it has already been discussed but I swear I saw somewhere that it was around 40p for a pint? I may be wrong.

Is it really cheap like that though please get back to me, Thanks.
Hi Mattb,

A large Efes can cost anyhting between 3.50 and 5TL depending on the bar. So between £1.50 and £2.00 - depending on the exchange rate.

Strawberry is right please let me know if you find an effes for 40p per pint i did find it at 3ytl but is very rare
So the price is similar to the price over here?, what about bottled drinks and tobacco etc from the cheap shops in towns is it as cheap as spain for that sort of thing?
hi mattb22

buy tobacco or cigs from turkey they will be fake and will do your health in worse than the real stuff
, that is why the d
uty free is
open as you arrive in the country
to buy your tobacco and cigs

if you must buy cigs only do it when they have the goverment yellow stamp on the packet

when we were in olu in may it was 6 lira a large bottle of effes
seems actually more expensive than parts of spain and canary islands etc, I thought it would be cheaper being that they still work in Lira and not euro? I guess I was wrong in thinking that?
So am I right in thinking its more expensive than parts of spain and the canaries?, When I was in majorca I think I remember it being around 3 euro or so for a litre of there own brand malibu in most of they're small alcohol shops which at the time meant it worked out at around about £1.90p or so. Are the prices more expensive in turkey?
Just been down to my local,a large bottle of effes is cheaper here, rather than Turkey :glynis
Double post for some reason. Briar, please could you delete it?
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I wouldn't worry too much Matt, the trouble with Turkey is that it's main selling point over the last 10 or so years is how cheap it is, and unfortunately that has got in to people's psyche. ie 'Turkey the cheap place to go for a holiday'.

It's now more similar in price to Spain, Algarve and other main European tourist hubs, or that's how it seemed to me last year. It isn't an expensive destination either. Hope that makes sense.

Hi You can do many trips like jeep safari,boat trips,paragliding,dalyan (turtle beach),swim with the dolphins,quad safari,diving ,rafting etc.Have a good time!!!

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