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Please remember that if your combined hand luggage does not fit inside the gauge, one of your items will have to be checked into the hold and we will charge a fee of £40/€50 for this item.

All done here. The hold case is coming in at 17kgs and the hand luggage at just over 5kgs a piece :tup
I've seen passengers trying to pack their airside purchases into cabin bags after being told by Easyjet staff that they can't carry two items on board.
I've left some room Judith - not much but a little :tup
davidnewman9 wrote:
I think it all depends on what time your flight departs. our flights from Gatwick leave at 7:00am and we have always checked our luggage in the night before, But with their one desk fits all flights policy there did'nt seem to be a problem on the day of departure.. Incidently I have checked in already for flights in November and December from Manchester, I did'nt think that you could that far away, but it seems to have worked.

You can do night before check in if your flight departs before 08.30am , otherwise check in on the day , the twilight checkin opens at 8pm onwards , you can do online checkin and print off your boarding cards which means you can then go to the bag drop checkin or go to the normal checkin desks whichever have the smallest queue
Hello all,

I have 1 bag at 20kg, however, feel I need more allowance. If I but the 2 bag's can 1 be 30kg and one say 10kg? Can the weight be combined still or are we now only allowed to have 20kg per bag as max weight? Sorry if this sounds dim but I tend to get a tad confused!!! :cheers :cheers :sun2 :sun2

The maximum allowance per person is 20kg. Anything more than that is considered excess luggage and will get very expensive. If there are two of you travelling, it'll be cheaper for the second person to purchase hold luggage allowance as well giving you another 20kg. If one person books 2 bags, your allowance is still 20kg, but split over 2 bags, it's not 2x 20kg. All the details are on Easyjets website. The maximum allowable weight of a suitecase is 32kg. If you need more than 20kg, remember you can take as much in terms of weight in hand luggage, there's no weight restriction, providing you can lift it unaided in to the overhead storage bins on the aircraft and it's within the specified dimensions. Details here.

Ah, thank you so much for that. It is slightly different than when I went last year. Last year I was able to put up to 32k into on piece of hold luggage.

I am trying to avoid taking 2 separate pieces of hold luggage as will be with a child. As it stands I have the 20kg for myself and none for my daughter. Should I purchase the 20kg for my daughter would I be able to say take up to 30kg in 1 bag and take only 1 bag OR would this way just not be possible...

I have just read through the linkis and it does not really say, which is making me think no!! :cheers :cheers :cheers
I flew Easy jet to malaga from Bristol just last week.

I'd booked and paid for 1 bag of 20kgs which sufficed for hubby and I to share. We each had a decent size bag for hand luggage and they were fairly heavy. We'd packed hairdryer, travel iron, shoes, cardigans, camera, sweets, books etc into them.

We'd checked-in on line which I was very glad we'd done as the ordinary check-in queue was massive despite the desks having only just opened. we found the bag drop desk and we were the only ones there :) so checked in quickly. I overheard the people at the next desk being asked to show their hand luggage but we weren't asked to :que

Whilst waiting at the boarding gate, both on the outward and return journeys, they were looking for volunteers to put their hand luggage into the hold (free of charge of course) as the flight was full and they had no room for everybody's bags in the overhead lockers. We were told that if no volunteers came forward they'd be picking randomly. There were only about 10 passengers behind us in the boarding queue on the way back and we noticed that they chose the hand luggage of the few in the back to put in the hold.
I've seen passengers trying to pack their airside purchases into cabin bags after being told by Easyjet staff that they can't carry two items on board.
......which is totally at odds with their stated hand baggage allowance as attached to Darren's message earlier "one standardised bag of goods purchased at the departure airport may also be carried" :que

That's why I sadly always tend to print off the boring bits & carry then with me.
hi are the drop off zones in a different area from the normal check in desks at bristol airport
nuttynet. The on line check-in/bag drop desk is right next to the ordinary Easy jet check-in desks.
I've seen passengers trying to pack their airside purchases into cabin bags after being told by Easyjet staff that they can't carry two items on board.

Which in Spain is against the law, because the Spanish government recently introduced a new law which bans airlines from enforcing one piece of hand luggage.

sanji,seen that advertised on the boards at alicante airport last week,then easyjet announce only 1 bag allowed, :que
then easyjet announce only 1 bag allowed, :que

That was certainly the case at Gatwick airport a fortnight ago, as I saw a lady desperately trying to stuff her handbag into her hand luggage at the check in!
The lady in front of me at the Malaga boarding gate was asked to put her handbag in her hand luggage before boarding the plane. So it seems the Spanish EJ staff don't know the law.
That was certainly the case at Gatwick airport a fortnight ago

Gatwick isn't in Spain, so they can do what they want on the outbound flight from the UK, but they should adhere to the law of the land on departure from Spain and the new law cleary bans airlines from enforcing the one bag rule. This one bag ruling has had a big impact on the commercial sales in the Spanish airport shops, and you have the right to carry a bag on any flight in addition to your hand luggage that contains duty free purchases.

So, who's going to be the first to challenge these airlines departing Spain ? because while ever they can get away with it, they will !

Sanji x
  • Edited by Sanji 2012-04-24 09:37:23
Well now that I know that ruling Sanji, if they challenge me about it, I will counter-challenge them :rofl I shall say Sanji told me and she knows her stuff :tup

Not sure when I'll be back in Spain though.
Does anybody know if we'd have to pay to take a travel cot with us , if we flew with Easy Jet or any other airline company. Also prams/pushchairs I presume there's no additional cost to taking one with us :que
Don't know about the travel cot, but with luggage for 3, a pushchair and a baby, you're going to need some extra arms :rofl

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