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what about speaking to consumer direct, ( the new name for trading standards)

or phoning roz, the solicitor who is very good with things like this, and you can get telephone advice...

i have no idea wether you WILL get a full refund on the leg room seats, but personally i think you should do....

just check out your standing first to see wether it is worth carrying on the fight.

good luck
I suggest you try posting on the flights forum on here, where the experts can tell you definitely whether or not you were given 'extra legroom' seats. If they confirm that they were not, then of course you should be refunded the money you paid for these, the same as I was refunded when I paid for 'seats together' and did not get them. Write again in different words, using words of one syllable and really spell out the problem and tell them you will pursue this in the small claims court if they do not send you a cheque for x amount. Make the amount and how you arrive at it really clear. Make it clear you are not seeking compensation, merely a refund.
I'm not an expert but I wouldn't class those seats as extra legroom seats, just exit seats. I've had the window seat in this row before and it definitely has more room and could probably be sold as an extra legroom seat but the others in the row have barely any more room than a standard economy seat.

I can't see why FC won't up the refund from £50 to £75, especially as you are happy to accept that your wife had an extra legroom seat on one sector.

Hope you get this sorted - I would be looking for a refund too in your shoes :(
My guess is that you were on a Boeing 757.

Row 12 ( 2 seats )is an exit row where the extra leg room seats are. Row 13 also by the emergency exit you are right in saying it is only the window seat that has the extra legroom as there is no seat in front. This seat would be classed as extra legroom. If your wife had thew window seat both ways then she did have the extra legroom both ways. I assume this is why they will only refund the cost for you not getting the extra legroom. I am assumming by your post that was £25.00 each way for each seat. Your wife had the extra legroom hence that cost £50.00 you didnt so therefore a refund of £50.00.

Hope I have read the post correctly, if your wife didnt get the window seat on the return and the extra legroom then i can then see why you are looking for a £75 refund.

Not sure why the cabin crew would say the emergency exits are not the extra leg room seats as in standard charter configuration they are the only extra legroom seats. Row 13 is not however other than the window seat. I would often book this row when travelling with the children as they can not sit in the emergency exit row but could sit in this row and I would get the extra legroom.

Kind Regards

Kind Regards
The plane was a 737/300

From what I saw on the plane the only seats which you had extra leg room was row 1

Flying out we were in 13e middle 13F window

Returning we were in 12B and 12C

Looking at the seating plans for the 737-300 it looks like the window seats with extra legroom are the only ones on that plane (apart from bulkhead). The row number these are situated on will depend on the seat pitch that the airline has used.
I did post a reply but dont know where it has gone.

Row 13 A and F are the only extra legroom seats apart from Row 1 so you did not get extra legroom on your return so I agree that you should be refunded £75.00 Maybe ask the person at First Choice to check your seat numbers with Thomsonfly so they can confirm those seats have no extra legroom. Only reason I can see for not refunding anymore is if any element of that cost is for "sitting together " and not extra legroom.

Kind Regards
No we never paid to sit together this was included as classed as a "Premier Holiday" !!!!

But as i explained to the girl at First Choice if they offered me £ 75.00 I was quiet happy but she wouldnt budge and was adamant we had sat in the extra leg room seats. I dont know if i mentioned before but i sent them copies of our boarding passes with the seat numbers on .

I think you are in right. If you need a copy of a B733 seating plan to help your case PM me as cannot post it on here.

If you were seated in row 12 on the return journey,these seats are usually near the exit door and are classed as leg room seats.
Thats why you have probably only been offered £25 as they are refunding your money as you werent in a leg room seat on the outward journey,but were on the way back.
Row 1 are classed as medical seats and cant be pre booked.
Sometimes they are allocated at check in if they are not required by anyone with with medical needs.
There is usually a seating plan in the booklet that your tickets arrive in.
I wish Thomson would use the 737-800 series on all short haul routes as all the seats have plenty of legroom!
I have spoken to the customer services yesterday

Again they have said they will give me the refund for row 13 on outbound but not row 12 on the inbound

So £25.00 for not getting the extra leg room and £ 25.00 as a good will gesture

I still cant see the difference between rows 12 & 13 :think

I did forward all my correspondence to Trading Standards and they have emailed me a template of a letter to send to First Choice Company Secretary quoting regs etc and to send it by recorded delivery.

I can see why people do give up after 2 letters as it is like banging your head against a brickwall

Perhaps I am being petty hanging out for a refund of £ 75.00 but i am really annoyed with their customer services attitude .

One thing bothering me here is the fact that you booked extra leg room for both of you and you didn't get it.
Does this happen often? Some people only book a holiday knowing they'll pre book the extra leg room, so to then not get it seems very wrong to me! It's kind of like hiring a limo and a taxi turning up!!!
Please dont think you are being petty over this. It sounds like you didn't get what you paid for and there after sales service sounds like it stinks. (you have probably spend even more money on premium rate phone calls to swell their coffers.)

It may only be a small overcharge, but if you multiply it by the potential overcharge they could possibly make day after day on something like this then it could be big money.

It also sounds like they don't really uinderstand the 'product' they are selling ie the extra leg room seats, where they are located on specific aircraft etc

It can't be the first time they have had to change the supply of aircraft on a given flight, surely they should have all the details to hand and be able to give you an explanation that satisfys you that you have been treated fairly. :que
I flew with Thomson from Doncaster to Rhodes in June 08, paid for Extra Legroom seats and was allocated seats 12D&E for both journeys. We complained to stewardess who told us to write when we got back, which we did. I have subsequently written/emailed at least another 4 times and all I have had in return are standard cut & paste replies, ' thank you for your concerns...' etc, none of which respond to the fact that I paid for something I didn't receive. I have been offered no compensation or been advised how to escalate my complaint (I contacted ABTA but they said flights are not part of their responsibilities). The last reply I received was an auto response email on 28/11/08 saying Customer Services had moved to Manchester and my complaint had been passed to them.
I have been a Thomson customer for many years, this is the first time I have ever complained and I am disgusted by their after service.
Perhaps we all ought to contact watchdog or similar?
I honestly think Thomsons have a "take their money and run" policy. There aftersales and customer service is a joke and unfortunately from a recent previous experience it would appear that First Choice are going down to the same level.
Yes - assume now Thomson & FC have merged into one company, they have the same (No) Customer Service policy!
we use first choice or thomson quite a lot, and i used to pay for a childs meal, a couple of pounds extra, but it was food i knew they would eat.....

not once did we ever get what we paid for.......always got standard letters for replys, and basically ignored.........

i think its good that you are pushing for what you believe is right
Row 12 are the exit row seats so it was only on the outbound journey that one person did not have the leg room seat.
It seems like Thomson are giving a refund for one journey only which is what the OP is claiming for.
Hi jay trip - appreciate airline class row 12 as exit seats. What I & OP are saying is that there is no discernible difference in legroom between row 12 and ordinary (non chargeable) rows except for fact window seat has been removed & this was basis of my complaint. My husband & I (and couple opposite in 12B & C) both commented that someone overweight would struggle to exit the plane in an emergency this way as gap was too narrow!) My yardstick would be that if the seat in front is close enough for your food tray to be attched to it, its NOT extra legroom! When I have paid for extra legroom before, food tray in folded into armrest of you chair. Agree with previous poster, only genuine extra legroom is in 13A & F where there is no seat in front. Would be nice for Thomson to clarify what is classified as 'extra' - if its only an inch more than ordinary rows, customer ought to be made aware of this prior to paying. :)

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