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Holiday Complaints

please can you tell me if the forum is still active i sent a email regarding my holiday on sunday does it take a while to respond does any one have telephone numbers that are not charged at the extortionate rate i had a 50 min wait last time many thanks
Hi sandy149 ... I personally am not aware of an OTB Forum. If you are referring to the email address, that is not a forum, it is an email address for OTB which will help identify your email to them as having come via this forum. As far as we are aware, that email address is still active.

David :wave
thanks david thats what i was meaning can you change the heading maybe its a bit confusing
Just because I was confused doesn't mean everyone else would be, but topic title now changed. ;)

David :wave
many thanks hopefully i will get a reply from OTB Soon
i would not hold your breath- depends if they deem it serious enough to respond
i had a few that went unanswered- until the mention of legal proceedings
goldtrai have gone bust now so it doesnt matter now!!!

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