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EX-Pats and Owners Abroad

As many of you are aware in Goa many FN's are under investigation by the Directoriate of Enforcement and cannot register their deeds or sell their properties.
Two friends were sent a "show cause notice" 2 weeks ago with the threat of confiscation of their home or a big fine to their knowledge they have not done anything wrong.
They went to a lawyer who has taken on their case and they now feel they should go public to try and help others in the same situation.
They did an interview which is to be televised today between 6-7pm on Sahara TV in Goa.
Lets hope the powers that be are watching and that central government is made aware of whats happening in Goa to the FN"s
From what i have heard so far it has reached IHC and government in Delhi and UK already it went out national 63 million people all over india so lets hope and pray we get an answer to out prays and wholehearted thanks to the guys who were interviewed they sure have done us proud.

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