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I was in Cyprus a year or 2 back and as much as I love Cyprus have been many times it was spoilt by Russian people I found them greedy, ignorant and arrogant it spoilt our holiday. I vowed then I wouldn't go back until the Russians get bored with it. I love Cyprus and the people just a shame another countries people have ruined it for us anyway.
I returned from paphos on the 29th August and it was extremely busy in the hotel, and during the night by the harbour was very busy. However I strongly believe all inclusive holidays are killing places/attractions. October is the best time to go as it was reaching 38c which was too hot
It was busy in the Harbour and at the Ocean Basket restauramt but everywhere else seemed very quiet. Not just my observation but that of the restaurant owners we have gotten to know over the years. Some of them have a real fear they will have to close for good after this season :(
We've not been to Cyprus since about 2007, we discovered Egypt and have been there for the past few years as well as having family in Spain, However this year we have hired a Villa in Protaras during October(18th-25th ) so can't wait to visit again and see how things have changed,we've been in October a few times and the weather has always been good , hope it will be the same this year :cheers
Off to Paphos on 2nd of October for a week ,Hotel Louis Phaethon ...not been to the west coast before

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