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We have just arrived for 4 weeks stay at Regal Beach enclave [private rental].To find the now Indian owner of all the other appartments is tearing the place apart and turing it into 2 bedroom 2 bathroom appartments for next year which are apparently being sold as holiday homes .The noise is ****** terrible there has been a jack hammer going since 8am this morning and the pool boy is doing his best to skim the brick dust off the water.
So help needed please...somewhere suitable for 2 ladies late 50s . Must be 2 bedroom or 2 x 1 bedroom would be ok...Pool would be ideal but not essential...any ideas we can check out while we are here would be appreciated ....cheers :cheers
Try Greenpeace Enclave down the side road near Friends restaurant, or more or less opposite top of Whispering Palms beach road.
are you looking for somehwere to stay now or next year? I dont understand.

any way me personally I stayed at greenpeace this year after the laxmi apartments I booked and paid £300 for were filthy and I had to move out after one night..greenpeace were basic as you like and if you have stayed ta regal park and then go to green peace you will be dissapointed.

I have booked regal park already for 2013 cant stay anywhere else in Goa now

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