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Who will be first to post their dates? :)
That shall be me I guess. :sun2
2nd July to 16th July CnB, lost count of the number of years we've been going, think its about 12 years running.
Mind you, have already had our flight times changed, i think thats because up to now we are the only ones on it. :rofl
Myself and 2 friends will be going on 12th June for a week. We have rented an apartment in my favourite town, Es Castel.
23rd July - 6th August ... 6th time to Menorca for me. Doing our first DIY :yikes :yikes and trying Son Bou this time - can't wait!
Booked today for 18th July - 1st Aug in Carema Siesta Playa
3rd time in Menorca 2nd in Bosch 1 in Forcat
Booked for 1 week in June to Arenal D'en Castell staying at the Hotel Club Aguamarina. Not sure what its like, but most of the reviews are favourable - had a brilliant offer which I couldnt refuse. Been to Menorca several times but not for the last few years, looking forward to going back. I love Menorca and its chilled-out feeling :sun2 .

Roll on June :cheers
3rd - 17th August. 11th year - Cala'n Bosch from 5th but trying to get 2 nights Mahon first. Can hardly wait!
Tamariscos, please can you let me know how you get on booking 2 nights in Mahon, because we were hoping to do the same halfway through our holiday, just for a change.
Hi Linsi
We are struggling so far as I need a family room for 2 adults and 2 children. Have tried all the hotels I can find in Mahon but they will only sleep 2 + 1. Booking 2 rooms makes it too expensive. If you only want normal twin/ double room there are loads. I am now trying apartments but as I only want 2 nights, this is proving difficult too!
Tamariscos, Thanks, i will have a look as there are only the two of us we shouldnt have a problem getting in somewhere.

We are going to Arenal De en Castille hotel.. 23rd July for 2 weeks flying from Glasgow.
:cheers :Never been to Menorca before. It s a big change from Tenerife.

Going back to cala n bosch for the...........wait for it....14th time me the misses n 2 kiddie winkies, just luv it there. The food, the locals, weather, canni beat it.OLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
Well, this will be our first time in Menorca (we usually go to Salou) and we are very excited! Departing from Birmingham on 25 Jun up until 2nd of July(just for a week as I am pregnant :cheers )! We will be staying at the Binimar in Capo N Forcat and we hope we're going to enjoy it. We choose the place because we are going with our 2 and a half year old boy and we heard there was a creche there as well. Hopefully it's on when England is playing the next match. :whoops so we can watch it without being interrupted. :tup Anyone know where we can find reviews on this site for the place we're going to? Thanks all. Have a great time :)
Welcome mariaveres. We have a discussion topic for the Binimar complex, which also contains links to the separate review pages for both the accommodation and the resort ... please click here.

David :wave
this time tomorrow I'll be drinking a large one in Son Bou, oh yesssss :cheers
we are also off to the binimar but we are going on the 24th july for 2 weeks,its also our first time to menorca,we havnt been to spain for years as we normally go to egypt so its going to be a big change for us but really looking forward to it
bring on the 24th of july and show me the ALE :glynis and loads of SUN :sun2
We are going to Arenal D'en Castell and staying at the Hotel Fiesta Castell Playa - 2 weeks all inclusive flying from Gatwick 25th July

Soooooo excited as we have never been to Menorca before !!!
Welcome Tractor Girl ... we have a short topic related to your hotel, which also links to our reviews of the complex:

David :wave
Many thanks for that, just realised that the countdown is for 2010 but he ho, he are excited as it's our first visit to Menorca !!!

Thanks again,

Tractor Girl

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