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Oct 13, 2015

Booked 8nt coach holiday all inclusive to Austria in April this year for September.Seats were sellin…

Last post by Glynis HT Admin 2017-07-07 08:14:49

May 20, 2007

Can anyone tell me if there ios a bus or train from malgrat to tossa de mar, I,m going out on Friday…

Last post by Howeyj 2017-06-01 11:42:52

May 27, 2017

Found this quite amusing, but a good one to bear in mind if you are looking for a dog friendly camps…

Last post by Glynis HT Admin 2017-05-27 16:36:30

May 22, 2017

Last post by Glynis HT Admin 2017-05-22 19:12:35

Feb 20, 2010

The L'Estartit days of the late 1980's or early 90's are long gone. I'm 38 now …

Last post by Cidermonster II 2017-05-15 12:49:21

Apr 30, 2016

hola, how is everyone, just booked a 5 night stay to the above in june for the wife and i, feel we …

Last post by jimd-f 2017-03-09 06:15:52

Jan 2, 2008

I have difficulty walking we are thinking about going to TOSSA DE MAR, is it possible to hire a mob…

Last post by Bobby-Ruth Johnston 2016-11-18 01:55:12

Jan 17, 2005

We are going to Santa Susanna for a holiday, and are flying to Barcelona we hear that there is a tra…

Last post by jimd-f 2016-11-09 06:16:27

Jun 20, 2009

Tough one to write this. I've been mulling (writing) this over since we arrived back late July…

Last post by Redlipstick66 2016-07-08 15:38:09

Oct 15, 2007

Hi, can anyone who has travelled back from Spain recently tell me if you were able to bring any boo…

Last post by Sandra Lovatt 2016-06-12 20:22:50

Aug 21, 2015

Just booked for yet another coach holiday. This time to the hotel Monteplaya in Malgrat for the 10th…

Last post by 12noon 2015-10-19 05:22:13

Jul 1, 2015

Does anybody know how badly siesta, Ferris etc are being affected by the ongoing strike action aroun…

Last post by bootle 2015-09-06 20:51:43

Aug 12, 2015

ooooooooooo, just over a week to go :sun2 :sun2 :sun2 :cheers :cheers

Last post by bootle 2015-08-13 21:13:56

Jul 26, 2015

Need to keep medication in a fridge at home how can l keep it cool on 24hr coach journey Many thanks

Last post by Hi De Hi 2015-07-26 20:36:28

Aug 20, 2014

hola all would any of you have any info on platja d'aro and surrounding areas, eating/drinking …

Last post by bootle 2015-07-21 18:06:35

Jul 18, 2015

is there a direct train from the airport to calella, cheers in advance jay

Last post by bootle 2015-07-19 21:01:20

Jun 14, 2015

Good Morning All, I have a few questions I hope someone would be kind enough to answer. My parents…

Last post by 12noon 2015-06-18 05:48:52

Mar 15, 2015

from 08/04/15 you will have to show your passports when leaving the country on the ferries. Port of …

Last post by beefy666 2015-06-01 20:59:35

Apr 7, 2014

Hi has anyone been to the maripins yet since it has gone all inclusive, have things changed or is …

Last post by jimd-f 2015-05-13 15:53:41

Nov 28, 2013

Hi, does anyone know roughly how long it takes (with Ferris or Siesta) to get from Calais to Salou …

Last post by Inca 2015-04-06 08:09:04

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