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Myself and my husband are wanting to go to Lloret next year and are undecided wether to go with Siesta or WA Shearings, we have two children one aged 12 and one aged 2 we are interested in any comments and advise someone could give us regarding either of these companies, especially the overnight paris stay that Siesta offer

Thanks for your help..

I've only ever traveled with Siesta but we've done this 6 or 7 time now and each time we have done the Paris stop over which is amazing and it really breaks up the journey, plus I just love everything Disney.

The only thing I would say that if your doing the Disney stop over is pack a few things to eat into your over night bag as once you get there the restaurant is closed so you would need to go into the Disney Village and get something to eat or make sure you have something on the bus just before you arrive. There is a McDonalds there.

The next day after breakfast you make your own way to Disney land (there's a free bus every 12 mins outside the hotel) then make your way back to the bus at the time giving by the driver.

Once you're back on the bus you travel through the night to your destination and if you're anything like me I was that knackered I woke up just in time to change buses the following morning.

I couldn't fault Siesta as a bus company and now with the new entertainment system it's even better. Each person has their own headset (supplied by Siesta) and you can either listen to a dvd, or there's a selection of music and story channels for the kids. The foods great and the hosts are brilliant.

Sorry I can't compare them to WA Shearings but if I was going back again I would chose Siesta
Can't comment on Shearings, and those who know me on here will know that it would be unlikely for me to recommend Siesta! :lol:
.... plus we'd better watch out for 'impartial advice' in this thread now, too :lol:
my family and i have only ever been with siesta and it has always been ok i have friends who have been with ferris also and they said they were good to i might give them a try next year
Sadly, Ferris aren't an option for me!

I have very little choice now! :(
With the demise of Interbrava as a coach option, we have just booked with Siesta before the rush from people who normally go with Interbrava.

Club C is always an option for you CM and they have had a year to sort the toilet on the bus. :lol:
At the weekend I found out that Harry Shaw (A coventry/Warwickshire company) do coach holidays to the Costa Brava. Blanes and calella plus other resorts. I've not used them for holidays but use them a lot for transport round the UK and they have a very good reputation for that. A fleet of modern buses and friendly drivers.
I wonder how much Interbrava will lose next year with customers defecting to Siesta or Club C to go by coach? If even only half of the people who went last year by coach refuse to go any other way and switch to another coach company, that's a big loss and a big risk to take! No one wants to go by coach???? My arse! :x

There won't be a rush from me, Paradisio, so you are ok there!! :lol:

Harry Shaw? Aint seen them for ages, not since they stopped going to Castell Montgri. Sadly, they are (or at least were) another company that couldn't find Scotland on the map!
i have travelled with ferris and siesta. siesta stop alot more than ferris coaches. plus siesta have alot better choice with snacks. siesta do bacon sarnies chip butties. yet ferris do pot noodles thats their limit. i have only travelled with siesta once and ferris about 8 times. due to the fact ferris are the cheapest. well it used to be. but now both of my children are 15 its 3 adults for me. as before i would pay 2 adults 1 child free. there is still an option till my children are 16 thats if i go self catering which then i get a child free. so for 17 days 14 night in spain at end of may it would cost me £460 for the 3 of us. which i thinks pretty good value. but when my children where under 12 i went to spain full board for 14 nights for £500. if you can find another company whats cheaper than that! i challenge you. and please let me know. because im looking for another bargain holiday for end of may 2008. :roll:

I don't know about other companies, but with Siesta a kid can be 19 before they have to pay adult fares so that should save a little.

Chip buttys, they don't do them now, to much mess, but you can't beat a bacon sarnie for breakfast :)
thanks for that. ill have a look. its been 8 year since i went with siesta. do they still stop the coaches as often as before. as thats another reason i went with ferris you could smoke.

They still do a lot of regular stops en route to spain, even one about 3am for the smokers when they do a change over. I've never been more than 4 hours without at least a 5 min break. Actually thats a lie, coming back in May this year we had to go 5 1/2 hours as there was an accident on the motorway but you can't blame that on the coach company.
Travelled with Inland Travel again last year and going again in Aug.Mum and friends been about 10 times to several Hotels and have to say the Drivers are spot on. Extra legroom on coach is appreciated and you can pick the seats. Regular drinks served at your seat, 4 or 5 stops, usually about 30 - 40 mins long, just enough to stretch legs and nose around the service shops.

Take a pillow and your own food, its a long way but part of our holiday and you soon make friends with others.We leave our car, its a tenner for 7 or 14 nights, get to depot early and they park it around the back out of sight.
Sallyann ... £368 for the two of us for 17 days in Castell Montgri, a superdeal from Interbrava but i picked the exact lodge when i booked it. Now THATS value :) Shame their company seems to lost their way

I see you sent me a PM about Ferris, but it doesn't really matter how cheap they are, if they don't cover my area of the UK, why should they get my cash? No ta, plus to be honest i wouldn't have travelled with a company that let people smoke onboard :yikes
I think coach's will be making a big comeback in the next few years, cheap flight travel is coming to an end...
This year has been 1 of the best holiday now than the last tym. rite Saturday, 8 30am siesta pick us up in Pontefract bus station then to Leicestershire Services to change coaches but we didnt. later tht afternoon instead of P&O Ferry (problems with schedules) went on to EuroTunnel which is 35mins which is great as u can get off coach. You are now in Calalis, France while travellin throu france u get stops for smokers and buy sommat frm Petrol stations then 4 hrs travel then stop for supper then till 11pm hostess will the cumin round for drink n snacks (last drink n snacks till 7 30am) then heads into Salou for 11ish. Siesta n Ferris is cheaper than going on Planes. other coach companies such as Skills, Shearings, Harry Shaw, Canabrica and Clarksons are dearer but wudnt pay more than £400 for hols. Any1 who doesnt lyk flyin better off going with Siesta or Ferris (best companies ever)
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We are going to the hotel mercedes in lloret with ferris, anyone been, and what did you think? Ferris is non smoking now on coaches has anybody had trouble with smokers on ferris coaches since the non smoking ban ? We have been with club c for past 6 years and most times pretty good, but alot of the drivers smoke in the cabs and even though i complained to the office it never stopped.
Hi dizzybrunette and welcome to HT!

We have a couple of reviews HERE, but the last one was from 2006.

If anyone has stayed at the Mercedes recently, please post a review in the link above.


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