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Hi Paul,
Thanks for reply and the info.No point in taking dress clothes if not needed. You seemed to enjoy it. Is it good and food ok. Was at Tunisia about 15 years ago or so,I think a lot will have changed since then.We were at Hamammet that time but this look's nice. Do you have any info on the Hotel and Resort we need to know. If you want I can give you my e-mail add to contact me or PM me.

Thanks Again

Having a debate with my good lady. Can anybody tell me if they charge for air conditioning in the Golf or is it part of the package deal.

Hi Paul+3,

Well thats was us back on sat. And man was it hot,even the waiters were complaining about the heat.They said it was freak weather for this time of year. It was in mid to high 40's every day. I love the sun but that was to hot for me.
As for resort,the marina was lovely and plenty of shops to keep the other half happy.A bit disapointed with the beach,we love the beach but only went on it one day as it was very diry with cig end's and broken bottle's.We were told it had been all cleared up because of complaint's but we just stayed at the pool. But as I said it was just to hot to do anything. It was in the mid 80's at 9 o'clock at night and could hardly get a breath.

Hotel was OK we were at the back overlooking the gardens and got the sun on balc in afternoon.Staff were excellent but food was so so. I am not fussy but at the push thier was always chicken or turkey or thats what they called it.

Over all we enjoyed ourself and it was a good hol.

Pictures of Hotel Golf Residence, you can see them here:

My friend Francis has made the pictures March 2006.

Kind regards from the Netherlands,
has anyone been here recently?was going for a 4star but found a really good deal for this one in september
Not for a few years but it was fine when I went. It's very well placed, within easy walk of the Marina at PEK. Acqua Palace is just over the road and there is the GolfBrau (beer house) next door. The staff were very nice when I was there and the food was OK. I'm sure you will find some more up-to-date reports but if not I would go for it if you've got a good deal.
Can anyone supply an email address for the Golf Residence ?

but don't be sure for an answer ! :(

Kind regards from the Netherlands,
How very true Pittie if the Golf Residence follows the example of other hotels. Some can be notoriously bad at responding to e-mails in my experience. :roll:
if its concerning a booking i have this 1 ....the managers name is riadh put your phone number in the email and he will contact you we have been going there for 3 years and find it handy to mail them and get the rooms we want hope it helps
or heres the phone number 216 73 348 833
Went to this Hotel last year. Some of the rooms are very dated, we were lucky after the first night we managed to get our room changed to a better one. On the whole we enjoyed our holiday but Tunisia is one of the places I wouldnt visit again!!

I would say you are staying in one of the better resorts, I would avoid Sousse at all costs.
I would avoid Sousse at all costs.

Oh dear Fidget, Sousse obviously wasn't to your taste but quite a lot of us actually prefer it. Like anywhere else it's 'horses for courses' and though I enjoy visiting PEK it always seems rather artificial and touristy for me, whereas Sousse seems more authentically Tunisian.
Sorry aslemma, it was just my opinion, I found Sousse really smelly, dirty and not very authentic, yes your right about PEK but it was very nice to get back there after a hassled day in Sousse.

This wasnt my first visit to Tunisia, I had been before a few years before, I believe we stayed near Skanes on that occassion.

I have friends who love Tunisia but sorry it leaves me cold :?
We stayed here a few years ago,although read some decent reviews since,we wouldnt go back,Breakfasts were awful,boiled eggs and Butter beans,dinner was nearly lamb stew every night,but a lovely pool,and evening entertainment was decent compared to most hotels,dont accept a room at the front,very noisy disco club next door,noisy crowds all hours,hotel nice inside but food let it down,have now found a fab hotel in PEK that we stay in now,meets all our requirements.
Hi does anyone know the e-mail address for hotel residential golf port el kantaoui please.Ive tried the one listed on the hotel reviews a couple of times but i keep getting my message returned.thanks
Can't see one listed but other details on one of the travel guides are as follows. It may be easier to phone or fax them.

4089 Port El Kantaoui
Tel : (73) 348 833 / 348 877
Fax : (73) 348 847
thanks aslemma i'll give that a try.not long now 20th july and we fly from brum :fly
Hello Seahunt,

In the past I've used this e-mail adress:

Good luck !

Kind regards from the Netherlands,
have there card here the email is
mobile number for manager is 98240771 his name is riadh ben amor
fax:216 73 348 847
tel: 216 73 348 833
have been 3 times going over again in august
if you speak to him tell him martin from ireland said hello and look forward to seeing him again
they are lovely people

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