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we are off to pek golf residence on wednesday 4th time same hotel love it there just returned from florida on friday so this is a lazy holiday after shopping and theme parks :really any one else heading to there ?
lucky devil.i'm jealous.we returned last week from our first holiday to tunisia.we also stayed in the golf.i was very impressed with the hotel considering what we paid.
Have a good one. :tup
is mohammed the entertainments guy still there seahunt not long now for us all excited again he he :cheers :sun2
yes he was there also a young guy called achmed who did the running around getting everyone involved with the games :glynis the draught beer was quite good in the brau house
Has anyone stayed at the Golf Residence Hotel port el kantaoui, just wanted to know their e.mail, or does anyone know if there is a hairdryer and kettle in the rooms as I will only have a 15kg bag allowance and dont want to take unnecessary things thanks regards Andy :sun2
Hi Andy ... I have merged your enquiry with this existing topic, which contains a couple of email addresses for the hotel. In case you haven't seen it, we also have a separate reviews page HERE.

David :wave
Thinking of booking this hotel for September (2 weeks). Never been to Tunisia before, have always gone to Turkey but feel we need a change now.
Have read the reviews and this forum and its a kind of mixed bag, but on the whole not too bad.
Got a few questions. What is the weather like in September? What is the beer like (for my OH)? Food? What is the best rooms to request at this hotel, quite fancy facing the pool, so room numbers would be helpful. Thank you

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