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I am just about to book a week here in June.
does anyone know of a good reason not to?
any horror stories?
Thanks :D
not sure of hotel itself, but Xemxija is a dump - the recently fitted speed cameras are its main attraction !
I have passed through Xemxija by bus and it didn't appeal to me but then again I only saw the main street through it, however a friend stayed there a couple of years ago and she said it was lovely and had a great time.
Sorry I don't have any info on the hotel, but here is a bit of info about Xemxija -

General Description about Xemxija: Xemxija is a seaside Village and a Yacht Marina is proposed to be developed. Xemxa is on the northern part of the Island just outside St Paul's Bay and a short distance from the holiday town of Bugibba. Only a short drive (approx 10 minutes) to the best beaches in Malta: Golden Bay, Ghajn Tuffieha and Mellieha Bay. The Gozo Ferry Quay is 5km to the north and Valletta the capital city is 19km to the south. On the west side of St Paul's Bay, Xemxija continues the theme, and is also the gateway to the sandy beaches of Golden Bay to the east, and to Mellieha Bay to the North. It is ideally situated for those requiring less hectic surroundings than Bugibba and Qarwa, but still close to all the amenities - in fact, it's got a few of its own, including beach clubs, restaurants and bars, all within walking distance. On the west side of Xemxija lies some of the most fertile valleys in Malta, providing quite a sight during spring.

Hope this helps in some way

Graham 8)
ps love the user name
Hi Ghawdex Mark :wink: , for once I have to disagree with you, Xemxija was the first place in Malta we ever stayed in when we celebrated our first wedding anniversary in 1998, and within a day or so we had completely fallen in love with the place and Malta in general, which everyone who knows these forums will tell you is a love that lives on to this day, most people just pass through Xemxija on there way to maybe Cirkewwa or Qawra for example, but for those of us who stop there and have a walk around that beuatifull bay or pop in to Carlo's hideway (Hi Wilf if your reading this) for a light snack and an ice cold Kinnie, then it is a wonderfull tranquil little place with fantastic views, some really good places to eat. ie, the afore mentioned Carlo's, Il-Vecchia, Mange Tout etc, my advice to anyone planning holiday here is go for it as you may just have a great time just like we always did and still do.

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Sliema2, next time I travel from Gozo to Malta, I'll try and spend some time in Xemxija ! My experience is only based on driving through, as you guessed - its charms are certainly hidden, so I promise to try and find them ! Gozitanos feelings about the place have been soured by the ludicrously installed speed cameras - not the issue about speed cameras, but their placing at the bottom of a steep hill, just where you need to accelerate up the hill - rant over (nearly), and no I havn't been caught, as normally the traffic jam is so bad there you can't get close to the 45km/hr limit anyway !
Hi Mark, I'm sure you fill find something worthwhile there even if it is a walk around the bay to watch the fishermen mending there nets, or a meal and a bottle of Marsovin or Delicatta in Il-Vecchia over looking the sea and watching the Luzzus bob up and down in the sparkling blue Mediteranian, whatever you do have fun mate.

I agree with Sliema 2. Xemixja was the first place we stayed in Malta in 1993 and we loved it. Although there seems fewer places open today than there were then.

I recall a couple of good but hilarious meals at a restaurant called Don Vitos which was near the playpark at the bottome of the hill. The owner was very attentive but had Basily Fawlty tendancies.

Also Sammys Tavern on the right going up the hill is very friendly and still very busy with Maltese families on Sundays.

Obviously, Carlos for long slow lunch in the sun.

There used to be a couple of bars/restaurants on the Shipwrech Road but I think they are now closed. One was called Il-fekruna.
Has anyone stayed at this little hotel,
it looks really nice, small and overlooking
the harbour.
Thanks :D
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Hi, I don't know of the Porto Del Sol Hotel, but I do know of the Porto Azzuro hotel is this what you mean ?
yes it is in the advantage brochure
porta del sol, main road, xemxija
18 appartments
I think it is the one painted blue and cream at the bottom of the hill on the left hand side.
Hi Mandy.
yes it is blue & cream.
So has anyone stayed there?
what is it like? Is it a steep hill?
Hi Mandy, do you mean the hotel that over looks the bay at the bottom of the hill as you turn towards Mellieha ?, if so then this is called the Xemxija bay hotel.

From the brochure;
"The bright modern Porto del sol appartments are located on the main road in the pretty resort of Xemxija and offer superb views over the bay that can be enjoyed from the sun terrace."

Looking at the picture,
it is a cream/white 5 story building with blue balconies.
it is right on the sea front on a slight incline.

Sliema 2

No I think it is next to the Xmeixja Bay - to the right as you are facing it. It is right on the pavement and the dining room is at the front.

Perhaps it has been changed into apartments.

took your suggestion, and stopped in Xemxija yesterday. In fact I went on an excellent tour with Wirt Ghawdex (heritage Gozo ??), and one thing we went to see were the Roman/Phoenecian (sp) bee hives built out of stone - they are found up the hill directly behind the Xemxija Bay Hotel - fascinating. Went with a group of foreigners, Gozitans and Maltese, and even the locals didn't know about it. Still not convinced about the merits of anything built in Xemxija in recent times, but the Romans knew how to build things to last ! Also a great view of the nature reserve from the site
Hi Mark, glad you enjoyed it, Xemxija is a nice little place, there isn't really loads going on but it is a nice place to stop off and have a snack and a drink or stay for a week and have a quiet holiday, in the evening it takes on a bit of a village feel as the little bars and restaurants open for business and local people take the passigata around the bay, I remember watching fire flies darting in and out of the trees one evening as we had a lovely meal in Il-Vecchia and a few bottles of wine it was just like paradise.

If you go around the bay as if you were heading towards St Pauls Bay, turn right up the hill where the olympic circles are, this will take you through the Pwales Valley which is very agricultural with lovely country side, and as you cross the valley you will see rock cut punic tombs in the cliffs to your right, if you carry on up the valley you will eventually reach Ghajn Tuffieah, Fomm ir-Rih, and the Roman baths near Mgarr, the views around here are spectacular, and if you carry on to Mgarr there is a really good rabbit restaurant in the main square which is ideal for a bite to eat and a drink before heading down the road to Zebbieh and the Skorba temples, all in all this is a great walk and well worth doing, also, thanks for the Gozo bus info that is very helpfull indeed.

thanks for the ideas - some I know of, but not most of them ! In fact next after Xemxija yesterday we went to the Ta Hagrat Temple, near Skorba. Then we to the Abbatija tad-Dejr catacombs in Rabat (to me much more interesting than the two well-known ones in Rabat), and then onto the Verdala Palace, where we were let inside.
Sounds good to me Mark, Ta-Hagrat is really good just wish it was possible to get in and mooch around, if you like things like that have you ever been to Bingemma on the hill overlooking Mgarr, behind the chapel there are more punic tombs cut in to the rock face, and from here you can follow the Victoria lines all the way down in to Mosta and up to Naxxar if you are feeling brave enough to walk that far.

some more great ideas ! Sounds like a great day out walking for the autumn, or now before it gets too hot ! Ta Hagrat is open to the public, but you need to call in advance
"To visit this World Heritage Site, please make an appointment on 21 222966"

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