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Has anybody had any problems with Imperial Travel - have got hol booked for July and paid for but can not get through to this company on telephone now! Abta have no information - what can i do? :cry:
It probably means they are not ABTA - lots of agents aren't. On their headed paper, it should state who they are a member of. (e.g. Global Travel Group, Travel Trust Association, etc) - find their head office and they should be able to advise you on what's happened.
They have got an ABTA no and also been on ABTA website company is listed - have used them twice before with no probs but am concerned now I can't contact them! :oops:
I take it you're not local to the agent. If you still can't get them on the phone today - see if someone on here is based in Reading and be cheeky!! Ask if they can do a drive past and see if the lights are on. If the worst has happened, your holiday should be fine as long as they have paid the tour operator.
Im in the Midlands!!! Thats not a bad idea! Its so annoying we booked last September to get free child, good price etc so if they have gone bust its gonna cost us loads more! I know they have booked flights with Thomas Cook and hotel with Med Hotels so think I might try and contact them direct! Fingers crossed.
But if i can be cheeky and there is anybody in Reading who would have a look the address is 1st Floor, Unit 3, Richfield Avenue, Reading

Thank you sooooooooo much! :D
I have done a credit check on them and find nothing adverse listed.

lucie123 - I live in the area and have looked them up in the local directory, they have a number of 0118 9180000 I've called and they have answered just now, they said they have a few telephone numbers, so maybe they have a line playing up. Hope this helps you, Scoya.
Thanks everyone for the help. I have finally got through and they have had problems with their phones for a few days! Panic over! :lol:
Imperial Travel of Reading seems to have smartened up its act.
Their phone number 01189 180000 was working OK today (a Saturday).
They are open Mon-Thu 08:00-22:30 and Fri-Sun 09:00-21:00
I was enquiring about an existing booking, and a very polite lady was totally helpful, giving me all the information I needed and some additional useful advice.
The ABTA website lists Imperial travel as Registration number G 824 X.

(It remains to be seen what we will actually get in a Turkish 5-star hotel)
Has anyone got any recent information on this company....I'm due to pay for my holiday today and have been told by someone that they are not to be it's over £1000 I'm a bit dubious now.....I was told they had cleaned up their act which is why I booked in the first place....having doubts now
run as fast as you can this company is poor. I booked a holiday with a gentleman called Luke J sounded quite young , did not have a clue what he was doing didn't care about me or I wanted only interested in making money.

When I finally did book the holiday and was due to go, when I got to the airport no baggage booked for me or my partner. Had to pay extra to get luggage on, the hotel was not booked for the right dates nor were the transfers. Ended up having to pay a extra £200 odd for his errors. When you phone up to complain to him directly they never answer they always say he's busy will leave a message to call you back, never does. When I got back to the UK with the receipts of what I had to pay for these errors they done nothing about it. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY OR AT LEAST LUKE J.....
I feel having read some pretty poor reviews that I would like to say I have booked 3 holidays with Imperial my most recent being Turkey this year and I have found them great service and value for money, I am surprised many of the people posting on this site are not aware that all the airlines are charging extra for baggage, meals, etc this is not Imperial Travel misleading customers. I always ask for a total price including bags & transfers and Imperial have always come out cheapest and at least you can always speak to an English person on the phone. Anyway give them a try I will be booking my next holiday to Egypt with them in the new year.
If you weren't happy with Lukes attitude and lack of care, why didnt you put the phone down and ring again? - you probably would have got a different person to book your holiday with.
If you weren't happy with Lukes attitude and lack of care, why didnt you put the phone down and ring again? - you probably would have got a different person to book your holiday with.

I am afraid we will never know the answer as hahollll12 is yet another 'one post wonder' and has never been back on to HT since Sept 2012 :que
I booked my holiday in June with these guys - Sharm El Sheikh - got the worst hotel ever - Coral Hills Resort, have been backwards and forwards with them since we arrived back at the end of July - they keep passing the buck to the accommodation suppliers - only to be told "We got what we paid for" they could not organise a pi** up in a brewery. I am not going to let this go without some form of compensation.

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