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Hi guys

I am sort of new here, have used the forum many times before for Lanzarote but not been on holiday for over two years so i've kept away so I don't torture myself and now i've forgotten ALL my login details! Never mind!

Anyway, im off to sunny Corralejo in Sept (all being well) and I have been keeping an eye out on the net for what i'm going to book. Anyone know anywhere good to look for deals other than Up to now i've found that they search out the cheapest deals. Also, was wondering what were the main fly out days from Manchester are?.....and are the mosquito's in Fuerteventura any worse than Lanzarote? Never came accross any in Costa Teguise or Puerto del calmen and i'm slightly worried!

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Emma. x
i went 2 years ago in october and there was plenty of mosquito's then, not sure if there is a certain time of year when there is more or less, i'm going in september again, as i love the island reguardless of anything that can bite me. where from west yorks, flying from liverpool, (wednesday) and i got a good deal from easy jet 5 people with luggage and speedy boarding return £520 total, mind you i did book in january
As for flying days its Saturday and Wednesday with flights departing before 19:00 due to FUE airport closing so not too bad.

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