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hi you are not allowed metel detectors anywhere in greece
hi,seems to be a very shady subject, metal detectors not being allowed is incorrect,anyone can go to a metal detector shop in greece and buy one or as many as they want,you can also take a metal detector in to the country,what you choose to do with it is your choice,if you want to go to prison and named as an archeological thief then you can go and start metal detecting,,not a very wise move tho,,,,,,,if you own a metal detector in greece you must have a licence,the same for a gun, it must also be registered with the correct authourities.even then when or if you get a licence you cannot just go looking anywhere you want to there will be designated areas given,,,if you dont abide by the rules you are going to get locked up regardless if you have a licence or be perfectly honest i wouldnt waste your time trying to metal detect in greece for your punishment will be alot grater than your reward....
In Greece, turkey, and Italy the laws are stricter and better enforced. This is how cultural artifacts end up with collectors I Europe, America, Japan, and the Arab states. Most countries do not permit metal detecting. Some have laws against metal detecting, some have laws that permit detecting but you must register your finds and may or may not be able to keep them. There are other variations as well. It is tough figuring it out. The best way to find out the REAL laws in a country you intend to go to, is to inquire with the hobbyists who actually hunt there. And not just the sand-box timid hunters, but the hardcore guys there who are actually finding the old stuff. They'll know the reality of the situation.

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