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We're travelling to India on 18.01.2012, returning 01.02.2012. My passport is valid until 12.08.2012. Would I be able to travel with this passport or would I need a new one?

Many thanks.
As far as I am aware you can travel as you have more than 6 months left on your current passport. When you return you will have to renew ready for your next jollies :tup
Brilliant, thank you so much for your quick reply :wave: :cheers
If it's Goa you are travelling to then double check in our Goa forum:-

There are members there who travel frequently or live in Goa :tup
I've just found the answer to a similar question we had nearly a year ago, better late than never! The extra issue here is the Indian Visa which caused confusion with a certain tour operator earlier. The passport has to have at least 6 months validity
when you apply for the visa
and they will issue the visa at an appropriate length of
up to
one year based on your travel dates and passport expiry. So you should be fine as you'll still have 6 months left when you get back. But watch out for barely trained travel agent staff getting confused.
You can apply for a new one early (IIRC up to nine months before expiry of the old one) and have the unexpired time added to your new one.

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