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If its an EU country the passport only needs to be valid for the duration of the stay. However some airlines have their own rules on minimum validity and you would have to check with your airline.

luci :wave
Also remember that if you renew early then up to 9 months extra is added to the new passport depending on how long you have left on the old one, so you don't really lose out.

Bear in mind that there are several strikes planned by passport office staff in the next few months, they striked a couple of weeks ago and it caused mayhem for people after emergency passports as all the offices were closed :(
Hi markp1706 .. the Passport Office (IPS) would not have been able to advise you on this, as passport validity rules are set by individual countries, airlines and tour operators, over which the IPS has no control.

However, as luci says, as far as official entry requirements for Cyprus are concerned, your passport requires to be valid for the duration of your stay in the country. But, it is always worth checking that your airline or tour operator does not set different minimum passport validity requirements which you may have to comply with.

Whilst this topic is intended for discussion specifically about passport or entry requirements for Cyprus, we also have a separate PASSPORT ADVICE and Q&As topic where you will find general advice and info about passport applications, renewals and other services provided by the UK's Identity & Passport Service.

David :wave
Grandaughters passport runs out in feb 2011 so when we go on 2nd june she as roughly 8 months left, will this be okay or will she need a new one, i know usually it's 6 months but not sure on Cyprus, any info appreciated

Hi Rosie .. I have merged your enquiry with this existing topic. You should find the info you need just above.

David :wave
Thanks David

I emailed the embassy and just got an automated message back with a link which just says your passport must cover you while you are there so not really much help, have phoned thomas cook who the flight is with and they said 6 months so should be okay

I live in Cyprus and just recently took a holiday to Malta (Feb 2010). My passport expires in July this year and I was a bit bothered about the validity period also.

It was suggested to look at the FCO website for the country you are travelling to - but you should also check with the airline carrier also, as they may refuse boarding...

Flights from Cyprus to Malta are with Emirates but this year we made our reservation with Air Malta (they codeshare the flight) as it was cheaper. I checked with both airlines - just in case and they both rely on the country information regarding validity.

My passport was checked at both ends in each direction with no problem.

I did however, print off the documentation from the FCO for Malta and from the airlines website which indicated entry was okay as long as the passport covered you for the duration of your holiday dates.

I'm back in sunny Cyprus but will have to renew my passport before our holiday to Luxor later this year :cheers
Are you one of the lucky ones who'll now have to renew your passport via Spain?

The UK Civil Service at it's best!!

No, not yet - they're still taking applications till end of May :D
We are off to Cyprus on 17th October and I have just read that you need a 'full 10 yr British passport' to gain entry into Cyprus. My little girl is 7 and her passport is a standard childs passport valid for 5 yrs - does this mean we need to apply for a 10 year one for her? I thought that children under 16 yrs could only get a 5 yr passport! Help! If you have been to Cyprus with a child, please let me know what passport you went on!!

Thanks :)
Children only get a 5 year (as they change so much in that time) I wouldn't worry about it !
my lad had his 16th birthday while we were there in July, his 5 year childs passport runs out this month.

No problems at all either entering or leaving UK/Cyprus, as AskCy says, go, enjoy, and don't worry..
can anyone help i am going in may and have been told i will need 6 months on my passport from the day i return but i will only have 4 months do i need to re new my passport before i go ????
According to the FCO it only needs to be valid for the duration of your stay

Post merged with existing similar topic.

luci :wave
it doesn't matter what the FO or EU stipulate as a minimum its what the tour operator/airline stipulate..thomson and thos. Cook stipulate 3 months from date of return, if your flying easy jet/Ryan air they only ask it be valid on the date of's not worth trying to go against the t.o or airline as they can [and have] refused boarding to those failing to meet their terms

My passport was close to expiry last year when we were flying from Cyprus to Malta. We arrived back in Cyprus early March and my passport was due to expire in May.

We booked with Air Malta but the flight is a code share with Emirates so I printed off the rules and regs from both the carriers websites, plus the FCO for Malta and for my return into Cyprus.

Each said pretty much the same - passport has to be valid for the duration of the visit but it's always better to be safe than sorry and make sure you conform to all that is required.

Limassol, Cyprus
i have just been in touch with the cyprus embassy and they have told me that i need a valid passport for 6 months from the date of entry, like everyone said i think its best to sak the question if i didnt then i wouldnt have been able to go on my holiday,oh i did ask my to but all they said was get in touch the the relevant embassy (not very helpful)
As Wizard had said, some TO's have a rule that you have to have x months left on your passport. This is not an entry requirement, but to ensure that if, for whatever reason, you are still in Cyprus after your scheduled return, you will not become a problem/burden on them by not having a valid passport.

From the FCO
Entry Requirements - Passport Validity
British nationals may stay in Cyprus as a visitor for up to 90 days; ensure that your passport is valid for the duration of your proposed stay.
Hi dazza8875

i have just been in touch with the cyprus embassy and they have told me that i need a valid passport for 6 months from the date of entry

If you are a British passport holder, then that does in fact contradict both the Foreign Office and the Cyprus High Commission in London:

But as time is on your side, you could go ahead and renew and have the unexpired period transferred to your new passport, just in case you are travelling with an airline which does have a minimum validity requirement. I'm assuming your tour operator has no such requirement, or they would not have referred you to the embassy. Renewals are currently being processed in around 7-10 days.

David :wave

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