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can't speak for everywhere but the bar i work in in faliraki doesnt take cards at all,nor do more or less all the other bars in town,some restaurants do but not many and i've spoken to countless tourists that have had trouble with these pre paid travel money visa/mastercards over the last couple of years,shops take visa on the whole though. it might be different on other islands or in some of the bigger places in Rhodes town but on the whole Greek resorts are more of a cash economy for various reasons,including(allegedly) the usual tax dodge of not running everything through the till,the need for a fixed phone line/internet connection to run the card machines and so on.

Must also add though that i don't ever need a card myself so am only speaking from a worker's perspective,more regular tourists will know more and i suppose it depends what sort of holiday you're having or what sort of places you frequent.
Thanks for that. We are going self catering (but mostly eating out!) and I know when I have tried to buy anything in a supermarket or restaurant with a card in the past, I have had to produce a passport. So I think I will stick to euros!
Even as tourists & now residents, we rarely paid in cash in Tavernas.If a taverna didnt have credit card signs we would go elsewhere
We took one of these to Rhodes a couple of years ago and didn't have any issues using it in Lindos and Rhodes town- in many tavernas and also in cash points
like i said i'm talking about certain places,i could list scores that dont take ANY cards,even greek ones,personally i think it depends what sort of holiday you're on,when me and my friends go away cards would be a pain in the arse,especially when trying to split bills etc,and the amount of times i've walked a fair way in roasting hot sun only ti find all the ATM's are empty or out of order,drives you mad it does :D
I just saw this thread and thought I would mention that last October I stayed in Afandou and had problems changing travellers cheques. One place I had used many times before would not change them and one of the banks wanted a really high percentage to change cheques the other charged a flat rate I think it was about 6€ and only then because they knew the owner where I was staying. Apparently they will change sterling ones but not Euro or so I was told.

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