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Going to Puerto del carmen next month and if anyone has been this season could you give me some idea what the average you will be paying in bars for local lager (draught) and bottled beer like sol /corolla, and where to go for the cheapest drinks mentioned.
Same again for places to eat, where to avoid for expensive prices and where to go for good meals at reasonable prices and cigarettes to bring home ... where to go for these and cheapest prices per 200.... Any info on prices would be great so l have a rough idea how much it's going to cost and need to take...
Anyone tell me where to go for a nice English full breakfast, again at a reasonable price but a clean and tidy place.
Hi Ray
Was out in PDC in May this year beer Prices vary between 1.5 & 2.5 Euro's for 0.4L glass, most bars as you know don't use pint glasses. I can recommend a nice place called Friends won't try and explain its location as they have a web site that give you all the information together with meals and drink prices, great place for a SM 2 Euro or Carling 2.5 Euro brill Sangria for 6 euro and food is plentiful and reasonably priced. another bar in the same square is Arthur's which again does great home made food including real chips!!!! beer is more expensive at 2.5 Euro for the local stuff. Hope this helps

Thanks craig. Anyone else got places to recommend for good grub and drinks at fair prices, and bars for good music ..
See this post for good music bars.

A great bar for cheap drinks in Atlantico is Ricks Bar (near Charlies), only 1.80 euro for a large beer.

As for pub grub best ones I have used are Purple Turtle, Highlander & Tipsys all in the Old Town.

For better restaurants try

TJ's Carribean Tapas, Emmas Cantina or Puerto Cascada again all in the Old Town.
Tropical, excellent big music bar on the front, normally drinks 2 for 1 upto 11pm so good value.
Tropical is closed at the moment, with hoarding all around it. Sorry but I have no idea when it is reopening, or what it will be reopening as, considering how much the strip is altering at the moment :(

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