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Hi, just back from the Puerto Plata apartments and I would not recommend them to anyone. How they have a 3star rating is truly beyond me. It is noisy, the walls and ceilings are paper thin. I thought the people in the room above us and beside us were actually in our room I could hear them so clearly. The security guy is more interested in the available girls staying in the place although I would not fancy the amount of partolling he has to do it is such a big complex. Noisy!! The rooms were clean and compact. The pool bar was good enough and the staff there were quite friendly. One would need a gps to get around if their sense of direction is not good. Block B seems to be the worse and from what I could see Block A is the block to get. On arrival we were handed a map of the complex and our room key and had to go in search of our room ourselves. 3 dead cockroaches were at the door to greet us! They were washed away the next morning by housekeeping. It was because of people leaving their rubbish outside the door had encouraged them in the first place so do not leave food or rubbish around. Sunbeds are like gold as there are so few for such a large place. I would imagine it can accomodate 300people with beds for around 60. :sun2 Walk over to Amadores beach it is more relaxing.!! Quite honestly the place is just about o.k. I did manage to have a few hours sleep each night but never had an oppertunity for a siesta or a full nights sleep due to the noise. :whoops It was a bad choice of accomodation for me.
Thanks for the review. I should be grateful if you could copy and paste it to our review site HERE


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