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:hols 27 days for us :sun2 :glynis :yipee
15 sleeps and 8 work days to go :hols :pele :hyper :yipee
:D i'm all smiles now, got our tickets today :hols
:D 8 days and sooo looking forward to our hols!!
:wave: hi flossy have you got your passport yet??????
:yipee my passport arrived on friday. 2 shifts to go including today. got everything now and ready to go. 5 sleeps then salou here i come :fly :hols :sun2 :cheers
:wave: hi flossy great news about your passport, if i don't hear from you have a great time :tup
same to you beermat. hopefully we may see each other in resort. you can't miss me i'm the one one with the ginger streak at the front of my hair.
just doing my last shift at work. 3 sleeps then offto birmingham for the night before my silly o'clock flight. once this shift is out of the way i've only got to sort my husband's respite accom out then i can start to relax.
;) hi flossy hopefully we'll see you when we go to see our friends at the hotel. if i spot you i'll give you a shout"hey flossy how you doing?"
roll on the 1st of october woooooooooooohooooooooooooo :) :sun2
Has anybody booked for Salou or any other Costa Dorada resorts for 2010 - its the quietest I've ever known it on this forum.

I take it everybody is going to Turkey :(

You won't find me in Turkey though, looks like I'll have Salou beach all to myself this year :cheers (That'll be the day :rofl )

Happy new year everybody.

We'll be there again for 2 weeks in June. 23 weeks today we fly out :)
Going 29th May to the Delfin Park as usual.This will be our 5th time.Just hoping I can hire a mobility scooter this time as mobility abroad was suspended last year and had to use my wheelchair.Last year was the first time back to Salou since needing a scooter/wheelchair but found it wasn't too bad for dropped kerbs etc.
Phew, so there might be a few of us wandering around Salou!
Hi all im off to salou end sep begining oct to the golden avenidia suites not looking forward to searching for a sunbed goin with the hubby 3 kids n lots of other family ;)
Going July11th-25th this year. Trying the Michelangelo with Thomas Cook this year, smack bang in the middle of Salou instead of Cap Salou. Pretty cheap so hopefully OK.

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