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from 1st march ryanair have announced that they will be cancelling 18 routes, including gatwick, and reducing the flights from 17 others including liverpool and birmingham.
see here

this may still be part of there negotiating process, but so far i have not had my flight on 24/03 cancelled yet.
I have heard rumour that this will be one of the routes to be cancelled/reduced :( As the rumours have it Glasgow-Girona will be cancelled.
well, these nice people at ryanair have just cancelled my booking from gerona to gatwick on 29th march.
it looks like tuesday and sunday flights are initially affected, but i have rebooked for a week earlier (and cheaper)so hopefully that will be ok.
maybe some good news.
it looks like flights to gerona and reus may be reinstated from april next year

maybe now life can get back to normal :tup
I got told yesterday by Ryanair that there will not be a Liverpool/Girona service this summer. They do now run a service from Manchester Terminal 2 but given I live on Merseyside and the flight is at 6 in the morning this is not much good to me unless I am prepared to get up at 2 in the morning. Looks like it`s Easyjet to Barcelona for me this year.

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