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Hi, yes there are a few tabac shops, also wine and tabac shops, you can also get them from the many small supermarkets that start at the end of Santa Susana and continue all along the prom to the end of Malgrat. But don't forget to remind your family that " Smoking Damages Your Heath "
( and your pocket ) :wink:
Thanks for the info jrtv!
Yeah i've been telling them for years....that's why I can afford a holiday and they can't !! lol
Jules :)
just as you leave santa susanna and enter malgrat on the front you see a large row of shops facing i think the royal sun across the railawy track and ship in, near burger king go down the steps and there is the tobac shop best prices there, also to change money
Thats the one i was thinking about , we have always used that one when staying in Malgrat. They are definately the cheapest.

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