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Oh dear. I have had one holiday with the same problems. It doesn't make for a restful holiday.
Did it spoil it all for you?
Must be awful! Were you on a package holiday or did you arrange everything yourself?
We booked with Thomson. The building works only started late June 2017 and we only received notification 2 days before departure so it was too late to do anything. We had great difficulty trying to get through to the right people at Thomson to speak to someone, so we had no choice but to go or loose our money. On arrival we requested change of accommodation but they were unable to unwilling to do anything. They did point out the noise and building works were next door so it was beyond the hotels control. We are now in correspondence with Thomson holidays (or TUI) about compensation.
Good luck & please let us know how you get on. If you need any help just shout & we'll do our best to help 👍

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