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We`ve never been on a cruise, and hubby won`t go abroad anymore, but we`re considering a cruise around the Scottish Highlands and Islands for next summer. I wondered if anyone on here had had any experience of these cruises, and what they thought of them?
What company are you thinking of cruising with?
Haven`t looked into them yet Sue, was hoping from some pointers on here. We saw an ad in Saturday`s paper, and we started talikng about it last night, but can`t find the paper now!
If you call they should be able to point you in the right direction.

I have also found THIS, but it looks very expensive for a short cruise.
Page and Moy run a couple of UK cruises which include Scotland - see for further info
Thank you both, I`ll have a look at those.
Thomson are sailing from the UK, Newcastle and Harwich this year can recommend them They have various itineraries including a round UK trip.
THIS seems like a very good deal, but it's very short notice going in less than 2 weeks.
That`s a brilliant deal Luci, but this year`s holiday`s spoken for, let`s hope a similar deal comes up for next year.
Sign up for the newsletter from Cruise & Maritime as they have some very good offers for this year

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