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Some of the procedures and rules are slightly different in USA but here's a link to a site which has useful tips on travelling through airports with children. Hope it helps parents.
I'm afraid that this is a sign of the times that we live in. We need to explain to our children that this might happen to them and why.! This doesn't have to be done in a frightening manner, and as all things of a sensitive nature is best done by parents. Having flown out of 3 different airports in this country during the last year I only wish that our security was as good as some of the foreign countries.
We have been to Florida the last 2 years my daughter was 6 and 7 at the time of travel and was checked both times leaving sanford but they were great about it explained waht was happening and we were done together as a family my daughter was not bothered as she had been told what was happening the thing that bothered her was having to take her shoes off as they were new and thought she was not getting them back the first time we went.Have to say when she was a baby 18 months we were going to Tenerife from Glasgow and she was in her buggy at security they wheeled the buggy through and checked her and looked inside her nappy which was not too happy about as felt I should have been with her as was just finished going through as they had taken Hannah through a different gate.I do think everyone should be checked but children should be made aware as to what is going on sorry for the long rant :oops:
i have no problem with young children being searched

like it was said earlier the terrorist would exploit this

if children are to be searched proper parental permission should be saught by the searcher female for female children and male for male children no male should search a female

unfortunatley in this day and age you have to be careful and just because they are security doesnt mean they are not just trying to cop a grope
I believe that ALL Passengers should be searched regardless of age, but in the case of infants or children, Airport Security Staff should receive special additional training and the parents should be advised of the requirement for the search and should be present at all times.

Perhaps a small side room decorated like a child's Nursery could be set up where Security Checks on infants and children can take place.

As has been said before, the sort of people who perpetrate terrorist acts and take part in drug smuggling etc will stoop to any level they need to in order to carry out their crimes and this includes using children.

I also believe that wherever possible, female Security Staff should be responsible for checking children and infants.
And maybe the Security Officer carrying out the check could wear a basic simple Glove Puppet on one hand, or something like that to make the experience of the search more of a *game* rather than a security frisk down.
i know im a adult but i get frisked everytime i fly (i have a pacemaker)i cant go through metal what gets me is english airports are fine quick rub and thats it,but turkish women security always rub my boobs :lol: any suggestions to why? :shock:
i agree if they do need to search children there is a way to do it. unfortunately this didnt happen, i wasnt told they were going to do this to ellie nor was anything explained , she was just taken to 1 side her tweeny bag taken off her and searched and she frisked using her hands not a gadget, which i was shocked by, this is upsetting for some young children if they arent prepared for it, ellie is a very shy and an extra sensitive child and this did upset her and we are going on holiday again in 3 weeks and i know shes going to get all anxious and worried due to the fact it wasnt handled correctly the first time round. they also did speak english, cos they told us to put our arms out, put bags on table, open our bags, and which direction to leave the curtained area, so they certainly could have said to me we need to search your daughter etc

i agree ladyjan, when they search you and touch around your boobs its vile and makes me feel uncomfortable ive had this done quite a few times inc the uk, they did this to me in stansted despite the machine not going off so i asked her why and she told me i was the 3rd woman through and that was the only reason and she picked on every 3rd woman, not sure if they changed this every day or not !!!
They do this to check that you're not carrying something through tucked into your bra. Think about it - inside the cups of a padded/moulded T-shirt bra would be the ideal place to hide something. Also, the detector arches can only detect ferrous metals. They can't detect gels and liquids or plastic explosives just eg metal detonators but terrorists are also getting much more sophisticated these days too so the security needs to be really tight and they do need to make it obvious that we can all be subject to random searches and not just if we set the alarm off so that terrorists know that this could happen to them too.

And it's probably not much fun for the female security staff either - imagine a day spent having to feel the boobs of 1,000s of strangers :-)

last time i flew from stansted i was talking to fellow traveller while waiting in the security line and we noticed that the female security guard seemed to be
selective as to who got searched.
the little old ladies and teenagers were passed through without any problem, but women from 25-40 seemed to get the full treatment, especially the ones with tight jeans on :!: :!:
we spent an amusing half hour trying to guess who the next victim would be.
don't suppose it was much fun for the lady travellers though!
women from 25-40 seemed to get the full treatment, especially the ones with tight jeans on

In other words the ones who fit the profile for drug mules!

i must have been unlucky at stansted then cos i neither had tight jeans on and im not between 25-40 or could it be i look young for my age lol !!! its the first time ive travelled from stansted and probably the last as its such a long way for us anyway
In other words the ones who fit the profile for drug mules!

i always thought that they tried to stop drug mules coming into the country, not target them on the way out.

i do believe that security is a major issue, and that all steps should be taken to minimise risks, but that has to be balanced between searching everyone without exception -with the corresponding long delays- or targetting who they search based on available information.
it's a tough call, and that is the security peoples job, but you do sometimes wonder whether they pick people totally at random or their choice of who to frisk is based on other unknown reasons.
Going through Security in Gatwick last week, there was a very funny moment when the family in front of us had a little boy probably about 3 or 4. As he walked through the screen he walked over to the guy doing the frisking with his arms wide out!!!! The guy gave him a mini frisk. It was so funny to see. :D

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