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Skiathos (about six years ago and in our fifties ) for my wife and I was rather boring after about four days and we were just outside the town which was a fifteen to twenty minute leisurely walk uphill and down dale. We were there for two weeks. :( I would imagine Troulos to be so quiet for your teenagers, much quieter than Pefkos and that was quiet to us.

We're not into 18 to 30's as you can guess but it's nice to have the option, as you mention, Sidari would be good for the teens, there are quiet areas and we thought the area was great for swimming. ;)
We're off to Zante again the beginning of June, nice island with busy and quiet places, why not visit the justzante site which is excellent.
Thanks Danzante for your message .

Yep agree with you about Zante we have been there 5 times over the last 3 years love it !!!! We stay in Tsilivi . We fancy a change though .
Was quite a few yrs ago that we went to Troulos so was not going to answer you but as not many replies will let you know what I think. I think that Troulos would be too quiet for your boys unless it has drastically changed, not been to Sidari but reading about it it would seem to be a much more lively resort than Troulos (don't really think you could compare the two, I would say chalk and cheese!) I also really like Tsilivi and would say Hanioti in Halkidiki would be a good comparsion to Tsilivi (maybe a bit busier) so maybe think about there instead?
It's quite a few years since we visited Skiathos but if I remember there wasn't a lot to see or do; just beach after beach after beach...... We enjoyed our week there (and my friend absolutely loves Skiathos - they always stay in the town) but I don't think it would be suitable for teenagers. Let us know where you decide. I've got a teenage son who has said he doesn't want to holiday with us this year but I thought he might like Kos? Have thought about taking a friend with him but the jury's still out on that one ;)
Thanks for all your replies , Pargaluvva we are off to Kos in august this year never been before ................

We have also been looking at Parga for next year as well as Skiathos or Sidari Corfu . Would Parga be suitable for teenagers ? Is their much to do ? We like to go on some trips perhaps to other islands boat trips etc . We also like to eat out whats the restaurants / bars like ???
Obviously Pargaluvva will probably know better then me, but I have been to Parga twice (and love it!) and I would say that it is also not suited to teenagers (sorry) Definitely a couples place, very picturesque, lovely restuarants round the beach front, few trips but not many unless you are hiring a car.

Does Pargaluvva agree?
Hi there. Haven't been to Parga for a few years now :( but it is definitely on my list of places to visit; hopefully this year!) The last time we went, there were 3 families with 5 kids between us, ages, 11, 12, 14, 16 & 16. Our kids loved it; we were amazed because there's no 'entertainment' as such. They used to love walking into town together for a snack (very safe), swimming to the island from the town beach, train to Ali Pashas castle, boat to Valtos beach. We hired a jeep for 3 days and visited Acheron Springs where you walk/swim up the river . Don't forget plastic shoes cos the pebbles are very painful on your feet. We made the mistake of taking rucksacks which got immersed in the water cos you have to swim in some places. One guy had a tiny paddling pool about 20" diameter and he put his bag in that and pushed it upstream. Great idea. We also did the raft thing down the river which the kids loved. We visited Ammoudia where the beach and restaurants were brilliant (you can also take a trip on the river here). We visited Ioannina one Sunday where it was great to see the Greek familes out for lunch (sheep and pigs on spits in some restaurants which had the kids in fits) . Our favourite restaurants in Parga were Baccos on the front and Dokos (Don is brilliant) Filomila (up near the castle) 5 senses at the Alfa Hotel and Peveroli. Favourite bars: Loads (too many to mention). There are many historic sights such as the Nekromanteion the most important dead oracle of ancient Greece, the well-preserved Roman city of Nicopolis, built after the victory of Hadrian over Anthony and Cleopatra at the Sea-Battle of Actium and the largest ancient Greek theatre in Dodoni. Not forgetting a trip on the Marco Polo with Billy to Paxos. Sorry for going on but I love Parga and I want to go back now!!!
Forgot to say how friendly and nice the people are in Parga. We went to Lefkas last year which we hated but visited Parga for the day (and wished that we had spent our holiday there). Couldn't believe the guys in the Baccos and other places remembered us; unbeliveable.
We have looked at the Valtos Beach Hotel is this far from Parga Town ? Is it within walking distance of the town ?
have a look at lots of info on there
If you are thinking of Parga WE have a lot of good info and links to pictures in our own dedicated Parga topic
It is within walking distance; I suppose Valtos is a mini resort. Personally, I would stay somewhere in Parga town.

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