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Hi all,
Fell lucky with the 2 weeks we have just had, seeing and hearing the reports of the snow here in the UK, but on landing back this afternoon in the cold and piles of the white stuff still around here in Leeds, made us want to get back on that plane..

Stayed at Greenpeace in Candolim again, and for the 1st time we went without A/C, my other half thinking she would cope with the heat better, I wasn't too sure but things were fine and we coped great with just the ceiling fans and a good breezy balcony.

As all us Goa lovers know what 'basic' means for apartments in Goa, you can't go wrong with this place. A few 'niggly' things that would make things a bit better, like curtains that cover the whole window and a kettle (had one last year..) and we also had a sofa last year - 2 uncomfy armchairs this time. Still it's a spacious place which we prefer to a room only and for 900rps a day it's worth it.

We had friends from Ganesh shack also taking an apartment each and all on the top floor, which soon become known as Coronation Street (thanks Maz !)

The weather was hot as usual but very windy every day on the beach, the evenings were never humid and a breeze every night kept it pleasant to enjoy.
Mentioning the windy sea breeze did cause problems for many swimmers, and kept the lifeguards very busy, whistling the Indians out of the sea and on to another area for safety. I'm not sure if the Indians think they are being picked on, but they can't swim, they don't listen, and sadly 3 were pulled out at Sinquerim, one of them dying later + another dying around the Baga area.

Not too happy with the food at some places this year, we returned to old favourites, but weren't overly impressed.
Jazz House, Friends, Top Nosh, Cecilia's, Tony's, The Curry House, Wok & Roll, Delhi Darbar, Flambé, Patricks.
Out of the above - for the best Indian was The Curry House at Sinquerim, for Thai food it has to be Wok & Roll at Sinquerim (can't fault the food/service/set-up), for steak it was Friends, and Fish&Chips - Patrick's in Candolim.

Shack food at Ganesh's was spot on again, great sea food and a good curry. Very busy everyday in here, with us 2 and 12 regular faces we meet each year, we were out numbered by Russians and Indians.

We enjoyed as a group another good night at Mackies market, Steve who was with us asked about a day out round Panjim as he had never been (nor on a local bus) so off we went one morning just the 2 of us - to say he enjoyed his-self is an understatment - his words were ''wow, didn't know there was so much to this place'' After doing the history part of Panjim, it is now tradition to call in at the watering holes I know, Steve was expecting dirty little bars, but again was surprised to what I led him to + a new one to book mark called Cafe Mojo

Five of us went to the Mandovi night cruise & then the Delhi Darbar - the night cruise was very poor, not being able to get tickets for the boat we usually go on + the car park not being in use and the road works made it an unpleasant trip. Far too busy and messy there at the moment, so until they sort things out better we are going to give it a miss for a while.

Candolim was the busiest I have seen, lots of Indians and Russians much more traffic (could this soon become like Calangute ?) We did spend more time around the Fort Aguada Road, Sinquerim - even this area was the busiest I have seen, with lots of more in restaurants than ever.

Dabolim was busy in and out but we seemed to get through easy without problems, fingers crossed it will be even better with the new terminal due to open later.

The exchange rate was averaging 81.50 each day, so that was good on the pocket and the best rate we have ever had.

Thanks to all who turned up at the 'meet' on the Wednesday, had a good chat and a laugh (sorry Dragon - missed you again! speak next year !!)

A good 2 weeks we had, and not long before I start looking for next years flights, right now electric under blanket is on ready for some much needed kip.
Spike & Dee
Glad to hear you enjoyed yourselves mate. jealous as hell ! hopefully we will be back soon. Sad to hear the boatcruise wasnt up to scratch this year. Thats usually a good laugh. Are you sure it wasnt because you couldnt get the extra strength kingfisher ?
Excellent report Spike thanks for the update :tup
BB - Had the super strength, but it was warm -YUK ! Absolute chaos getting off the boat, it was like the opening of the sales you see in London..
:tup Excellent report, many thanks for sharing
Thanks Spike. Glad you had a good time. We are off tomorrow :D
Have a brilliant trip Fiona, and let us know how you are getting on...............
Ha ha it was Goa-Nation Street Spike not coronation. I nicked it from my friend :). You and Dee were fab company mate. Couldnt have wished for better neighbours. Loved our night out at Wok n Roll so glad you enjoyed it.
Good report Spike. We love Cafe Mojo and usually call in if we are in Panjim, the aircon is a bit strong though. Hope you have your "beer card" ready for top up next time.

We got a good deal on flights with Qatar this year, which is a bit of a novelty when flying from Manchester. We used Carlton Leisure and for the first time ever we have 40 kilos !!!! Woo hoo.
Sorry you are back too the cold so soon Spike, but sounds like you had a good time, enjoyed reading your report

Katie how did you get 40 kilo's with Qatar, we are flying with them in October and it looks like we have only got 23Kg however I can't complain as I won the flights for free and they have let us extend the return flight until December, we also get a week in a posh hotel in holiday street overlooking Calangute beach
Enjoyed reading your report. Good memories.The time just seemed to fly in. We've only been back a day and we are missing the sunshine big time. So cold here! It was great to hook up with you guys again.
Gail & Ray
meagain wrote:

Katie how did you get 40 kilo's with Qatar, we are flying with them in October and it looks like we have only got 23Kg however I can't complain as I won the flights for free and they have let us extend the return flight until December, we also get a week in a posh hotel in holiday street overlooking Calangute beach

I had seen on Trip Advisor that someone had got a good price on Qatar with Carlton Leisure and also got 40 kilo allowance so I gave it a try. The price for our dates was cheaper than booking directly with Qatar but we dithered and then the price went up and we kicked ourselves, like you do. When the price dropped again a couple of days later I booked before they changed their minds and when I got the confirmation through we had the 40kg allowance, but it doesn't tell you this at the time of booking.

My in-laws travelled on Qatar with Southall Travel earlier this year and they got the same allowance. Maybe it's a deal some of the travel agents get. We intend to make the most of it :)
Thanks for the comments.
Always nice to see you Gail & Ray, will keep in mind your kind offer of a trip to Ireland, if it ain't gonna be this year, will look forward to seeing you again in Goa sometime.

KatieP - didn't try the beer cards, just had the odd bottle ( didn't want to go back 'tipsy' - hic hic..) Great idea though, and next time will give it a go, guess there is always a good atmosphere in there at night time.
Thanks for the report, Spike. Glad you made it - I know you were wobbling a bit when visas went up and flights weren't coming down!

We thought Wok and Roll was terrific and will definitely be back there next year - a bit more expensive but well worth it.
Hi roma, yeah had a great time again and looking forward to 2014, but it's 10 months before we start planning, and still things 'wobbly' at work so who knows what's coming my way, so not looking on the downside, but on the sunny side of Goa (and a trip to Spain in September..)
One thing I didn't mention in my report and wondering if any others were approached by a Nigerian on a scooter offering any type of drug you wanted ? He collard us at the end of Whispering Palms beach road, 'man' this, 'man' that told him I would punch his lights out if he came to us again. A big big problem Goa has, and it's going to get worse unless they sort these people out.
great reading your report Spike ;)

it seems we have all given wok and roll the seal of approval i loved it there too and the service is fantastic ;) Jamies was also very very good ...
Great report Spike, sorry we missed you this year, just by a week I think. Loved Patricks fish n chips also,
catch up again soon

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