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Home not too long ago, so before the sadness kicks in and the other half moans about the cold, I thought it best to get the thoughts of our hols typed up.

Like quite a few previous years it's been a quiet one for doing, well, erm.. nothing. Some may it's sad to go all that way to laze on a beach, but for us it's sheer bliss.


Been to a few more than once this year as we are happy to eat there, so I'm not putting any place down as a favourite (well maybe Moonlight Bar as the Perri Perri prawns were quality) - all meals we had, we couldn't find a fault with.
Stone House
Spice Garden
Moonlight Bar
Dehli Dar Bar
Top Nosh


Last 3 years we have stayed at JJ's, but on recommendation we opted for Greenpeace Enclave, which is down a lane at the side of JJ's and had a basic but very decent apartment.
Cleaned every day by the reliable and trustworthy Mary, bedding and towels changed every 2 days. Good pool but never used it although most days others did.
Had a good look round for other places as a back up if we decide on a change, so until 2013 not sure what to plump for.

Out and About

Like I said at the start, a lazy 2 weeks, but still managed Mackies night market, once it had been confirmed if it was on or not due to the death of the tourism minister - a nice 2 mins silence held for him was a good touch for a man many Goan's rated as the one for the people.
A good night we had with food and drink and good music on. Lot's of Indians (and I mean lots) were well packed around the stage enjoying themselves.
We also made our pilgrimage to the Mandovi night cruise along with very good friends billybluenose and wifey (Alan & Jackie) I think we were the only 4 whites out of 200 on board, and were getting asked for plenty of photos, and chatting about life in England and India - a great night rounded off at the Delhi Dar Bar.
Had a great night at the HT meet-up, thanks to all that showed.
Sadly Alan and me didn't have our day out in Panaji, but next year is looking good..

The Shack / Beach / Weather

I read reports around December time about Ganesh having his shack pulled down due to being oversized - a silly mistake by him, but when you have an old crow in the next shack giving him grief all the time (Suddah's shack) you have to be careful. Why was her shack massive compared to last year and untouched ? Backhanders spring to mind again, just like when she went season after season without a licence, as we all know, that's the way India works..

With the removal of the River Princess (still a small part of it to go along with a 20 meter section underwater) what a massive difference it's made. The tide now comes in at a normal angle and there are very wide stretches of beach to walk down to Aguada, a good monsoon to level where the shacks are built and it shouldn't be far off prior to the RP grounding. It's looking good for all shacks down Sinquerim to get full business back again.

The life guards were kept busy (thank God they were introduced to the beach) as quite a few Indians and Russians got in trouble with the strong undercurrents. Also sad to see an Indian guy (UK based we were told) collapse with a heart attack in the sea and sadly died not long after.

The weather as you may well guess was hot hot hot, out on the road at midday was a no-no, evenings were pretty good with the odd breeze but not really humid, although it was starting to change.

Next Year

I read a thread on here about 'Is Goa still good value' - well to sum it up, YES. The flights could be an issue price wise, but let's wait and see on that one, but as for prices in bars/restaurants/shacks, we were quiet happy with what we were paying.
I know we all complain about one price for us and one for them, but if you don't want to pay it, move on - I would rather spend my hard earned cash in Goa than European hols anytime, Thailand doesn't interest me.
Let's hope the exchange rate stays up, was 81rps when we left, so well happy.

That's it for this year, a great 2 weeks, regular faces in the shack make it even better, what a nice bunch of people.
Great report Spike, many thanks :sun2 :cheers
Great report, Spike. Glad you still enjoy Goa despite all the imperfections we know are there. Some things annoy but taken as a whole, it's still pretty damned good! :tup

Agree about the lifeguards - we saw two or three times the Jeep careering up the beach with two legs poking out the back and somebody frantically doing CPR on the poor guy inside. Many Indian people just don't seem to understand how dangerous the sea and its undertow can be.

We went to Ganesh's a few times and we really like it - would go more often if it was nearer to where we stay. It's so small and now I know why! When you're sat inside, it's like being on a bus - all sat facing the same way. Good food though, and a nice guy.
Nice positive report, glad you enjoyed your hols, nice to do nothing but lie in the sun sometimes. We soon come down to earth with a bump when we get home.
Thanks Spike,

Same as us do very little and never feel guilty about it.

Hi Spike

Sorry i didn't get in touch with you, after all the good advice you gave me about J.Js. but 3 days before we were due to fly home i was taken very ill, and was indeed lucky to get home. After visiting Dr on 3 occasions i eventually decided to go to A&E where it was decided to keep me in. I have now been in Royal Oldham for the 12 days having xrays, scans, blood tests, and camera down, at the moment i am sat in bed with a tube from my gall bladder to a bag fixed on my side being drained of whatever. When i feel a little better i will try and put a report on (what i can remember) I know its to late to tell you about Greenpease, glad to hear you and the wife had a good relaxing holiday. Idon't know at this time if my personal Goa dream is over after just 3 visits, anyway will try to get some sort of report, but unfortunately i know not when, and once again thanks for the advice you gave me./

The Preacher
Hey Preacher - Really sorry you're not well. Hope you'll be back on form soon and we can all read your report.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery! :tup
Sorry to hear that Preacher, I hope you get well soon :tup
Glad to read you had a good time, Spike.

I agree with you about the cheap cost of living when you're out there.

So sorry to read that you're ill.
I hope you get a diagnosis soon and can start on the road to recovery.
Hi Preacher, can't think of anything worse than being ill when your due to fly home. Hope your on the road to a speedy recovery soon, did you call the Dr in Goa....Keith
Hi Preacher!! Sorry to hear about your illness. Sorry we missed seeing you as well!! Best wishes for a speedy recovery!! X
Sorry to hear you aren't well preacher. Get well soon from everyone at HT :tup
Thanks for the comments.

Sorry to hear your news Preacher, hope you are sorted and on the mend.

Something I forgot to mention in my report was the flights.
1st timers with Qatar and really enjoyed it - in fact the best we have had. Booked with them around June time after a notice on HT about cheap prices, so jumped at the £450pp.
Excellent value, good seats, food okay but other half not too keen, so extras for me !! Free drinks a bonus, but didn't go over the top which could quite easily be done.
Doha airport transfer was as I read on here, at least 20 mins to the terminal, and allowed through the side without the security checking, but had to go through the rigmarole on our return trip ( don't see the point in it really, when one minuet they let you in without checks, and then demand you do) Anyway all pretty good, but £8 for 2 coffees - ha ha !! take a flask next time..
Thanks to those on here who gave me advise and tips about Qatar/Doha, a really big help :tup
Home today will try and put some sort of report on in the next couple of weeks
I hope you are better Preacher and they managed to find and treat the problem :tup
Good report Spike mate. Have to agree with all you said and thanks for the great company you and Dee gave me and Jackie.
The sunset cruise must be the funniest hour you can have in Goa. And finishing the night off in the Dehli darbar is an excellent choice.
The kingfish tikka and kingfish tikka massala has to be one of the finest meals i have ever had . (or was it the 8% beer we had on the cruise) :cheers ;) Mackies market also a hoot.
I hired a scooter ths year for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed zipping around town. Didnt travel too far but next year may go further afield.
Went to some of our regular eateries, JJ's,Spice Garden(huge steak),Casa Seashell,Kim Faas,Rising Waves. All excellent. 1 or 2 new ones for us were Shivers (beautifull setting),Republic of Noodles(expensive),Moonlight(where we also stayed,report added) and Roys. All very good. Samosas at 5:15 from the wee guy on his bike most days too!
Visited Ganesh shack most days.A little sad to see his depleted shack but as usual his hospitality and food were excellent.Back to norm next season i hope.
A good evening was had at the Carvery meet. Sorry we didnt make Pollys party as Jackie had the dreaded Trots for 2 days.
Flew with Qatar once again and have no complaints, well apart from no ac when siting on the runway awaiting take off at Dabolim. Like sitting in a sauna. Very uncomfortable half hour. ok once we got airborne
Well its back to normality and flight price checking for next season. Bring it on :cheers
Bit of a set back. went home from hospital Thursday, back in again Sat.
get well soon preacher :tup
Great report. Really enjoyed reading it. Sounds like, as usual, you all had a fab time.
Pity we didn't make it this year but hope to catch up with you again next year.
Gail & Ray

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