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General Holiday Enquiries, Hints and Tips

:wave: hi i had all the codes but no priority code :cry so sent the wee tickets off and here's hoping ;)
:wave: i'm wanting july and someone said on another site they've released another 50,000 holidays :hyper :hyper fingers,toes,everything crossed :D
:wave: hi rachie b recognise you from another site?i'm foxxylady57!! :cheers
:wave: did you get booked with the daily mail or something?d'ya know the suspense is doing my nut in waiting to hear :yikes hope we get booked so i can relax :omg
lol the waiting is horrible isn't it!

no we booked with a priority ref on Thurs evening ,eventually!! it didn't accept my number,I was getiting so peeved off with it!!

Hope you hear soon :D
:yikes that's someone saying on the "other" site that people will be lucky to get school holidays ahhhhh!that's when i want to go :offtop think i'll go have a :cheers and stop thinking about it :duh
:( I doubt there will be much left for postal bookings in school hols TBH ,but fingers crossed for you :)
:hyper my cheque has been cashed and just waiting to see where we're going!! :think i'm betting that we get quiet parks either southsea or hayling island and my hubby says craig tara, my daughter says thorpe park and my son isn't fussy cos he's still stressed after doing prelims :offtop his brain is fuddled :yikes so a wee holiday will do him the world of good even if it's in july :hols
Anyone heard back yet if they've got a holiday who used the postal system? My cheque hasn't been cashed yet, so I'm assuming that i havent been allocated a holiday yet!
I cant remember when it said they would let you know by,- sometime in Feb. Anyone remember?
:wave: my cheque has been cashed but no word yet and that's a week now and i think the date in feb is 25th
Thanks Beermat. Hope you hear soon. The waiting's terrible :banghead:
Yippee. got my letter in the post this morning. First choice park, and fourth choice date. so pleased :)
:wave: Hi. Not going till September,- nothing like planning ahead :)
:wave: i'm wanting booked for july and here's hoping i hear this week so i can book another break in october!!
Hope you hear soon :) Think the next lot of holidays start around April. Is that right? Would love to book a french park for October, so really hoping i get a priorty ref next time. If not though will just have a stab with the tokens again for a uk park!
Hi, Got 2nd choice in date and third choice in parks. Still happy as it is a good saving. They haven't cashed my chq yet! Maybe I'll have an even bigger saving!

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