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Has anyone been to this resort - and if so any information on it please:

Looking at the website it looks absolulty stunning

Would like to know which tour operators go here and what kind of price we can expect to pay, also how much to upgrade to the rice barge accomodation.

Daza, I looked at this a few years ago now, and agree, it just looks amazing. Anyway, the tour operators were Thomson and Portland, and Portland were cheaper, but haven't seen either brochure in a while. Regards, Scoya.
Thanx for that - I have seen the reviews already, I was wanting more advice on which tour operators serve this complex and informatio such as prices.. etc.

Also what kind of prices would be be expected to pay for food & drink.
food and dring are incredibly cheap. Expect to pay £5 for a two course meal. You may go up as far as £8 if you have things like monster prawns or whole baked fish! By the way, that is the price with a drink as well( or even a couple of drinks!)
Can I suggest you price it all up yourself? It is easy to go DIY. I use Expedia to book the flights to Bangkok.
Book directly with Bangkok airways for the flight to KS. No need to keep checking prices for them as they stay the same
then book either directly with the hotel or try some other sites(tripadvisor has several you could try)
You may be very pleasantly surprised with the price.
just found it - in Thomas Cook. We went to Koh Samui with them last year( went to Singapore first).
We nearly always book with Thomas Cook - but looking on there website Thailand is not listed as a destination they go to.

I will be going in to see them shortly anyway and picking up a few brochures

thanx for all your help
the brochure is Thomas Cook signature Worldwide. ( last years brochure, but cant see them pulling out of the 47 pages of Thailand hotels they have!!)
One thing
I am not too sure how many bars and restaurants are nearby- may be worth checking as Chaweng itself is developing into a bit of a nightmare IMO. Far too overcrowded and not very Thai. We love the island but stay further north in Bophut. It has great restaurants and bars- but all on one road of converted wooden fishermen's houses.
If you do go to Imperial Boathouse and decide you hate Chaweng, take a songthaew to Fishermans Village one evening- transport is very cheap but don't take the first price!
thanx for the advice --- I may change my mind when I pick up a brochure as this complex was the first one we saw and it loved very unique with the rice boat accomodation.
You may like Chaweng- just wasn't really for me. It might have been if I were 20 years younger though! There are some really good Thai restaurants in Chaweng however. And I unexpectedly loved the Thai Boxing! Husband dragged me there reluctantly and then had to drag me away 3 hours later! It is quite a spectacle.The first time we went to KS we stayed at the Chaweng Regent. Beautiful hotel and the pictures you see of the surroundings are real!! Even at that time though I found the resort itself disappointing in that, you could almost have been in Spain( apart from the girlie bars!!)
and finally(?!!) Yes, I really stop after this take a look at my KS airport photos- it is one airport you would be happy to be delayed in( but you never are!)

For the next link look at local fishing and a busy pier( pictures 2 and 3). They are both Bophut as well!
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Can you recommend anywhere else in Thailand ?

We are not bothered about the loud bars & nightlife - would be more than happy on a tranquil peacefull complex with not much to do.
diffiult if you are looking at July/August as it is monsoon season in some parts of Thailand. We have always been meaning to go to krabi(and Phi Phi :cry: ) but they are not summer places.
I would post another thread asking that question- there are quite a few Thai experts here.
By the way I have added to the last post. You will see why I like Bophut!
thanx for your time -- will pop out and pick up some brochures and do a little more research.
Hi Daza, our friends went to boathouse in Feb, we were supposed to go but had to cancel a month before due to health problems. They stayed in rice barge,said it was lovely but premier rooms were just as nice. Anyhow we are all booking again for Feb 06, staying at boathouse in premier room and 3 nights in Bkk. The best price I am getting is through Travel Counsellors, even better than on net, maybe just a few pounds but you may as well let them do the work for you. They said Cheongmon was absolutely lovely. Airline Network [gold medal] were also quoting good prices.
Went around the Imperial Boathouse a few years back. Its on Cheong Mon (sp?) beach which is one of the better ones I have been on on Koh Samui. There are a number of small restuarants on the beach which gives you a choice away from the hotel. There are also other hotels on the beach...I believe a new offering is the Sala Samui. The beach is nowhere near as lively as Chaweng which many see as a blessing. However its easy enough to hop on local transport to get to Chaweng...about 10 mins away. To be honest if I was to return to Koh Samui (been twice) this is the beach I would return too.

The hotel is pleasant enough of about 3star/4star grade. The converted rice barges are set in the middle of the hotel grounds. I have heard that the bedrooms on the barges can be a little dark so might be worth checking out if considering them.
Fiona, still don't know whether Landmark or Marriott, our friends who went to Marriott in Feb say they will go with whatever we choose - it's a tough choice. Are there plenty of taxis if we go to Marriott to take us to the centre of things? Thanks Mary
In the absence of an immediate answer from Fiona...if we are talking the Bangkok Marriott Resort & Spa here then reception will quite easily order you up a local taxi. However hotel shuttle boat is brilliant, drops you off for connection to Skytrain which takes you to many of the places in Bangkok you might want to visit.
Thanks Sunbear, take it you enjoyed Marriott- does the skytrain run all night

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