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The flight schedule shows the following for your flights (specific dates):

Dep LGW Sunday 13:55, Arr SSH 21:10, Boeing 767-300/ER (winglets), Flight No: TOM328
Dep SSH Sunday 21:55, Arr LGW Monday 01:25, Boeing 767-300/ER (winglets), Flight No: TOM329

Times will be confirmed when you get your tickets.

Ok thanks alot Darren, now i know what time to go to the airport!
Hi can anyone tell me what aircraft I will be on flying to Naples with Thompson May 21st from Manchester, Flight Numbers are Tom 2552 and 2553

Welcome onborad :tup
MAN-NAP-MAN (TOM2552/3) are operated by a Boeing 737-300. You'll find further aircraft information on our What Aircraft? guide (link below).

tom 144 manchester to cancun
what are the rows with extra legroom on this flight,anyone know,thanks
Your flight will be operated by an ex-First Choice 767 so the extra legroom seats are row 11 CDE 14AB & FG and 20 A-G. Row 11 is not available to prebook online at the moment and only available at the airport- these seats are directly by the main exit doors.

Your flight is assigned to operate on either G-OOBK/L/M or G-OOAN if it is the latter the extra legroom rows are row 11 CDE 12AB & FG and 28 A-G. The online seating plan should give you an idea of which aircraft it will be, although it is subject to change. I would recomend you just prebook extra legroom rather than extra legroom and specific seats as if the aircraft changes the "specific seat" request over rides the extra legroom request.
hi would you know which aircraft we would be flying on
5th july tom848 lgw/dlm at 0740 and rtn dlm/lgw 12th july tom849 at 1500

many thanks sue

Welcome onboard :tup
LGW-DLM-LGW (TOM848/9) are operated by a Boeing 767-300/ER (winglets / short haul). You'll find further aircraft information on our What Aircraft? guide (link below).


Further to BY-TOM-AMM-FCA post, you'll find further aircraft information on our What Aircraft? guide (link below) including photos and seat plans. I'll be joining you on that flight later in the year :tup
Hi,we are flying to Majorca on 5th July from Manchester, flight no TOM2138.Can you tell me which aircraft this will be please?Our seats are on row 7 so am hoping not to be on the wing!

MAN-MAH-MAN (TOM2138/9) are operated by an Airbus A320-200. You'll find further aircraft information including photos and seat plans on our What Aircraft? guide (link below). Row 7 is forward of the wings.

flying from manchester-cancun 16th may on tom 144,what aircraft is this if anyone knows
Hi Dave ... your previous enquiry was answered just a few posts above.

David :wave
i just noticed it,thanks very much.fantastic site for rapid info
Hi everyone - is there any news on the ife for May/June longhaul routes (NCL-CAN 5/5/10) yet from BY-TOM-AMM-FCA please?

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thanks for that mrdisco
I now know not to hire avatar over the weekend whoo hoo!!!
any news on ife on tom 144 man-cancun-man may 10
dave g
it will be the same programme for may and june to all long haul destinations as far as I'm aware. It would change again at the beginning of July for July & August.
If I'm wrong I'm sure someone will correct me.

As deana mentions, IFE is the same across the long haul fleet.


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